On the day Solyndra joined NUMMI and Cisco Field in Fremont’s netherworld, my company laptop decided to crash the party. Unfortunately for Fremont, its chances of returning from the grave are much better than Solyndra’s.

I was at the plant early this morning to chat with workers and feed quotes to the guys who actually get to write these stories. Compared to NUMMI’s final days, the scene outside Solyndra was a county fair. That’s probably because Solyndra has so many eminently employable engineers and because even the longest-tenured workers were only there six years.

There was actually a recruiter hand out business cards in the parking lot. He called it “a job fair.”

A couple of the younger guys were making plans to go golfing, others were going to meet at Denny’s.

I feel sorry for the ex NUMMI guys who got jobs at Solyndra. They really can’t catch a break.

I’ll be interested to real the stories analyzing what went wrong. I think it comes down to shape. No one wants a solar panel that’s shaped like a churro. It’s unnatural.

Matt Artz

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