Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:
Police found a vehicle stuck in the middle of Fremont Boulevard and Cushing Parkway with a very drunk 17-year-old male inside. Police couldn’t identify him as the driver, but they could identify him as the one who threatened one of the responding officers, and that’s the offense for which he was arrested.

Domestic disturbance on the 4700 block of Hazelwood. Stepfather vs Stepson. Police removed 13 firearms from the home and arrested stepfather.

From the wire:
Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski, D-Fremont, was quoted in this story about a controversial method to extract fossil fuels.


Newark saw fire disability retirement rates double over 20 years

After getting pension info from Alameda County cities last month, I asked them for a lot more info recently.

Newark, bless their hearts, responded quickly and thoroughly.

The most interesting item from Yowzah town involves firefighters retiring on disability:

Between 1990 and 2000, only 16.67 percent of Newark firefighters retired on a disability pension

Between 2005 and 2010, that number jumped to 38.46 percent.  Newark no longer has a fire department.

For cops, the frequency of disability retirements rose from 37.5 percent in the 90s to 53.85 percent over the past six years.

Why the big jump?

Newark has some theories. Click where it says to click to read them. Continue Reading


Fremont and SEIU enter mediation

Fremont has new contracts with its police and fire unions (both of who took cuts equivalent to 4.5 percent of salary), but no deals with its non-sworn unions.

I talked earlier this week with SEIU, which represents the peons who make about 50 – 60k a year.

They say the city wants them to also take a 4.5 percent cut. But they think that’s unfair because money is tighter for them than it is for cops and firefighters, make roughly double.

They’re also made that last year, they went on furlough, while cops never agreed to giveback salary, and firefighters gave a smaller proportion of their salaries than those who were furloughed.

SEIU has countered the city’s offer with a proposal to take four additional furlough days — a 1.5 percent cut.

Both sides were scheduled to sit down with a state mediator this week.

Meanwhile,  the union has proposed several cost-saving proposals to the city. To read their proposals, click where it says to click: Continue Reading


More delays for Irvington BART bond

Looks like Fremont won’t be able to issue bonds for Irvington BART until at least January. The state Supreme Court is going to hear a challenge to the recent state laws requiring redevelopment agencies to surrender funds in order to stay in business.

But until it rules, the court barred the agencies from starting any new projects or purchasing or transferring any property.  — That from the SF Chron.


Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:

A young man whizzed by a woman on his bike with his member fully exposed. The female gave police a detailed description, and they found him at a nearby school.

Maybe it was the booze, but a hit and run suspect returned to the scene of the accident on Easterday Way a little too early. Officers were still on the scene when he returned to pick up some debris from the accident. Officers arrested him the hit-and-run  and for driving under the influence.

From the the traffic dept.
After Niles residents fought and won delays to Caltrans plans to widen Niles Canyon Road, Caltrans has struck back. The state transportation agency is closing the entrance to Niles Boulevard (at Mission) from 7 p.m. Saturday to 1 p.m. Sunday. It’s part of the Mission Boulevard repair project. Niles residents are expected to pass the time by talking about trains, watching silent movies, shopping at Needle To the Grove Groove, and tooting their own horns.


Fremont News of the Day

fremont_news_link2nd UPDATE: The missing girl is safe and back home
UPDATE: Cops are looking for a missing 15 year-old. Click on link for info:
missing girl

From the cops:

Officers responded to a shooting at a house party on the 35000 block of Perkins Street. Several ladies at the party got in the officer’s business, one of whom went to jail after taking a swing at one officer who tried to retrieve her from the middle of Fremont Boulevard.

There was also a shooting at the Glenhaven Apartments on Central Avenue. No victims. Officers located one round in a DMV sign at Central and Dusterberry.

Three stores were burglarized at a shopping center at Paseo Padre Parkway and Deep Creek Road.

Officers got a call of a possible burglary in progress on the 5400 block of Butano Park. They arrived to find two men in a vehicle near the burglarized house. Officers caught two additional men fleeing from the backyard of the house wearing gloves and carrying burglary tools. The cops arrested four men in total.

Police arrested a man accused of exposing himself to girls. On Sunday he followed a group of girls, ages 10-13, home from a 7-Eleven on Chapel. He sat on a retaining wall at the end of Lincoln Court and exposed himself.

From the wire:
Check out all the happy people at the Fremont Festival of the Arts

More about the festival

More on the Ed Daou murder/suicide. Daou was a developer with several projects in Fremont


The not so strong Tri-City area Asian vote

The figures below are from a recent report commissioned for Ohlone College. The college, and apparently school districts across the state, need to determine if they are disenfranchising minorities by not having district elections.

If you ask me, Fremont voters disenfranchised more than 1 billion Indians the world over by not electing Ishan Shah last year.

I’m unclear at this point whether this means Ohlone might again change how trustees are elected, but check out the percentage of Asian vote for a college district that includes Fremont, Newark and a bit of Union City:

Asian Population Overview
Asian percentage of population: 47%
Asian percentage of Adult Citizens: 33%
Asian percentage of Registered Voters: 20%
Asian percentage of Voter Turnout (2010): 18%

Asian Precincts Turnout : 2010 Election
Precincts that are 80% Asian by population: 500(County)
Percentage Registered : 64%
Turnout of Registered Voters: 53%
Turnout of all 18+ Asians in these precincts: 34%

Here is the full report:
ohlone district report


Questioning the festival’s figures

Happy Fremont Festival of the Arts to all of you who like big crowds, cover bands and the biggest selection of wind chimes east or west of the Mississippi. It’s a great day to buy faux Navajo jewelry.

I got a call Friday that I’d been dreading for about for years. The caller’s a big fan of the festival, but he said there’s no way it gets nearly 400,000 people over two days. The chamber says it gets about 385,000, but since it’s free and no one has to sign up for anything, that figure is probably more art than science.

I tried to defend my many stories with the 400k figure, but I caved in pretty quickly.  If 400,000 is a fair estimate, that means that over the 16 hours of the festival, there is an average more than 20,000 people in attendance and that every hour there would have to be a completely new batch of 20,000+ people in attendance.

Basically that would mean the festival draws more than a sold out Sharks crowd every hour for 16 hours. The caller said if that was the case, the freeways and BART would be jammed packed and there wouldn’t be parking for two miles. But that isn’t the case.

At least that wasn’t the case in past years. I’m not going anywhere near that festival. But it’s only three weeks to the Niles Flea Market!!!


Dumbarton Quarry won’t become Dumbarton Lake

For years the plan has been to fill as 300-foot-deep, 20-acre wide quarry pit with water and turn it into a lake just north of the Dumbarton Bridge.

But that’s not going to happen. The old quarry operator, which is required to build Dumbarton Regional Park, and was supposed to have finished it by now, can’t get a water supply to the pit. A plan to bring water over from Alameda Creek drew the ire of regulatory agencies because that would mean less water for those future steelhead trout runs they’re counting on.

Meanwhile, the park district isn’t having the easiest time negotiating with the quarry operator. In June, the district wrote the city a letter alerting it that it couldn’t guarantee that the company (Dumbarton Quarry Associates, a.ka. DeSilva Gates) would live up to its end of the bargain and build a park with as fine amenities as a big lake.

Read the letter below:
East Bay Regional Park District Letter


Fremont News of the Day

fremont_news_linkFrom the cops:
Someone at the Back Door Lounge talked about a fellow patron’s girlfriend in unflattering terms and got punched out. If you’re familiar with this bar, which is just a couple doors down from The Argus, you know the surprising thing is that a Back Door Lounge patron has a significant other. She must like smokey, dimly lit rooms and late mornings whiskey shots over a game a shuffleboard.

Residents on Marigold Drive spotted a burglar entering their house. Police chased him around Mision San Jose and finally caught him.

From the wire:
Tesla to reveal new prototype in mid-December

The allegations in this are disturbing, and so is the fact that a retired teacher is living in an RV Park.

Fremont solar company to build something for Oman

Niles makes SF Chron’s calendar.