Fremont News of the Day

fremontFrom the cops:

A motorist struck and killled a pedestrian at Fremont and Stevenson.

Someone threw rocks through windows at the Centerville Train Depot.

A civilian spotted an auto burglary in progress, followed the burglar and alerted officers, who caught the guy walking on Mission with burglar tools.

Officers arrested a man they say has stolen hundreds of dollars in food ever day from the Lucky’s in Charter Square.

From the wire:
Fremont one of several cities with new housing construction.


Rep. Mike Honda to run in district that includes south Fremont

It’s look like Fremont is likely to have perhaps the oldest congressional representation of any city its size.

The north side of town will likely still be represented by Pete Stark, who was born one year before FDR was first elected. And the southern two-thirds of town will likely be represented by Mike Honda, D-San Jose, who’s only 10 years younger than Stark.

Combined, that’s 149 years of life experience in the House.


Stark to run in new 15th Congressional District

Rep. Pete Stark, D-Fremont, will announce tomorrow that he is running for re-election in the proposed 15th congressional district that includes much of Alameda County stretching from Hayward and Union City in the west and Livermore in the east. It also includes the northern part of Fremont down to Peralta and Mowry Avenues.

I talked to Stark this afternoon. It turns out his in-laws home where he is registered to vote is in San Lorenzo (I thought it was San Leandro) which is part of the proposed district — although that doesn’t really matter since people can run to represent congressional districts in which they are not residents.

As for South Fremont, I read that Rep. Mike Honda, D-San Jose, will seek to represent that new district, although Rep, Zoe Lofgren, D-San Jose, apparently could also seek to represent it.


Murder/Suicide will impact Kimber Park development

In May, I wrote about a developer seeking to build at the fitness club and open space in the Kimber Park neighborhood.

Residents were fighting it; city officials were dismissing it, and shockingly last week the would-be developer murdered his son and killed himself, according to authorities.

I don’t believe Ed Daou had officially purchased the property, but I’m checking with the woman, who I still think owns it. She had proposed developing that site as well, but seemed less inclined to take on the neighborhood.

Also not sure what this will mean for Daou’s Fremont Boulevard development.