Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:
A man delivering a pizza to a home on Lake Superior Court arrived to find no one home and a gunman in his grill. The robber got the pizza and the delivery man’s wallet.

Officers went to a home on the 37000 block of Alexander Street to investigate complaints of noise and drug use. Inside they found a parolee, who gave a false name, a loaded assault rifle and ecstasy. Three occupants were arrested.

One of the few places in Fremont you can get away with punching someone in the face is at Sharks Ice rink. Except when the person you punch is the referee. That’s like three 10-minute majors and a game misconduct. It’s also battery. The ref placed the 25-year-old goon under citizen’s arrest.

From the wire:
I hear some solar company went under yesterday.

At least Solaria is still growing.

Matt Artz

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