53 percent of Fremont employees get city-issued cell phones

I’ll have a story sometime this weekend about a city-commissioned report to help it cut costs and be a leaner operation. The study found that Fremont is a pretty lean operation, but nevertheless made recommendations that could save up to $20 million.

One of the more interesting ones — albeit a smaller one — was about cell phones.

Here’s what it said:

City-Issued Cell Phones

Fremont currently issues over 450 cell phones to about half (53%) of its workforce. Approximately 265 cell phones are allocated to Police Department staff; 49 cell phones are assigned to Fire Department staff and apparatus; and 116 cell phones are provided to City staff in other departments.

Table 35. Cell Phone Annual Costs

Provider FY 2009/10 FY 2010/11
Verizon $175,421 $186,983
Nextel $26,065 $17,939
TOTAL $201,486 $204,922


Matt Artz

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  1. 53%, lulz.

    Fremont is obviously a cash strapped muni desperately trying to maintain services.

    I blame Amazon.com for the weak ass data and text plans that hinder our Fremont employees.

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