Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:

A woman on Red Cedar Terrace stared down a burglar, who was trying to enter her home through an open bedroom window. He fled to the outdoor pool and wasn’t heard from again.

Cops were called to Osgood Road, where a man was dumping trash. Unfortunately for the litterer, he didn’t dump his drugs. Cops arrested him for possession.

A man walked into the Jack in the Box on Auto Mall Parkway Saturday with what looked to be a machine gun. He pointed it at employees and demanded cash. They complied.

A 17-year-old left a part on Fisalia Court and promptly drove into a fire hydrant. The fire hydrant didn’t stop the drunk teenager, but officers did, and they arrested him for hit-and-run and for driving under the influence.

From the wire:
Obama bundler and Solyndra backer says he didn’t lobby for $535 million loan guarantee.
Stark wants Solyndra to give benefits to laid off workers
Solyndra workers sue over lack of warning over shutdown.
Tough climate for U.S. solar industry.
Two benefit walks to be held at Lake Elizabeth.

Matt Artz

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