FBI searching Solyndra

The Chron is reporting that FBI agents are searching Solyndra this morning.

I went down there. The FBI had two spokespeople who basically gave a prepared statement that they were executing a search warrent regarding a joint investigation with the Department of Energy.

Solyndra spokesman David Miller said he showed up for work at 7 a.m. to find a team of FBI officers on the premesis. He said the agents are going through all the buildings, but he wasn’t going to speculate on what they were looking for.

The big question seemed to be whether there were more FBI agents at Solyndra or Bay Area News Group employees. Over the course of about an hour, we had four reporters and two photographers there.


Matt Artz


  1. My suspicion is than those who are criminally involved in this debacle never had an office at Solyndra.

  2. Look like it’s related to equipment and ip that may be shipped overseas if a Chinese firm buys the remaining assets.

    Wouldn’t that be a proud moment for Obama, if a Chinese firm were to buy the factory, ip and equipment for pennies on the dollar.

  3. No purchase by a Chinese firm would be approved.

    Bankruptcy judges require birth certificates?

    The assets of this company, like every bankrupt company can be sold to anybody.

  4. While the assets could be sold to anybody, certain technologies are indeed controlled by Export irregardless of how they are sold . . China is one country which is significant in terms of trade restrctions . . I have no idea whether or not there are any export-restricted technologies in use by Solyndra.

  5. The mission is to return “hard dollars to the department”.
    Read it for yourself Marty in today’s paper.

    They’re looking for suitcases full of cash or clues revealing the whereabouts of such suitcases.

  6. I’ve read quite a bit in the last few days about the financing of Solyndra but this particular article does the best job of showing the timeline and the sources. You’ll note that the financing of Solyndra began in 2006 under the Bush administration and, contrary to much that’s been reported, a significant amount came from the Walton family (think Wal-Mart), big supporters of the Republican party.
    Read about it here:

  7. “Solyndra is Bush’s fault”

    Barack’s DOE made the loan, Obama himself showed up with the suitcase.

    You Obamaphiles have become caricatures.

  8. Marty, if you read the article and still say that, either (1.) you’re counting on your comment being believed by folks who have *not* read the article or (2.) you have a reading comprehension problem or (3.) you simply don’t care about telling the truth.
    OTOH, I’ve just glanced back at my message (number 9) and it looks to me like the URL didn’t post.
    I’ll try it again:

    In case it still doesn’t post, it can be read at thinkprogress.org, title:
    “Exclusive Timeline: Bush Administration Advanced Solyndra Loan Guarantee for Two Years, Media Blow the Story”

  9. I was about to say… regardless of what you’ve been fed at thinkprogress, truthout or one of the many delusional essays on the Huffpo… Barack’s DOE made the loan and Obama himself showed up with the suitcase.

    I should have expounded. Do you want video proof?

    Obama’s dismal approval ratings are his fault. But the record clip in which liberals were rejected after he took office is the fault of ideological zombies such as yourself. Congrats, this is exactly what you get when you stand for nothing but a political win.

  10. Hey Marty #10, Take it easy! Line 2 makes sense. Why not leave it at that?

  11. Needs to be called an “Obamaphile” that has “become (a) caricature” you mean?

    I’m not as sure they needed to hear that as I am you needed to say that.

  12. Damn, if I was only a highly paid Wichita meat puppet, I’d be more professional.

  13. You’re not a meat puppet Marty, you’re a meat sock.
    Blowing every day, and whatever way.
    However Erick Erickson tells you blow,
    You do.

  14. Tony, you’re more clever than to evolve your debating impotence into a homosexual fantasy.

  15. @Jennifer DeG –

    Personally I speculate it’s a tad bit more than irony.

    There’s a strategy which, at once, benefits both City Haul and the Google Ad Sense revenue line by (1) keeping the limelight of public scrutiny off of our civic leaders and (2) tilitating the venue with the kind of antics made so popular by the likes of Snooki.

    And, as long as you can accomplish both of these goals, everyone wins – right ?

  16. Eyesbright –

    “But in the final weeks of the [Bush] administration, Energy Department officials put the brakes on any loan commitment to Solyndra, partly out of concern that its costs made the price of manufacturing power capacity significantly higher than its competitors.

    The Obama administration, though, was determined to move ahead.”


  17. Perhaps we’ll someday apply the same level of scrutiny and monday-afternoon-quarterbacking to the original claim(s) of WMD and/or mortgage nonensense and/or . . . . (take your pick – the list left behind by the previous administration is lengthy).

    That said, there is also no doubt that there was likely a level of political ambition and zeal pressing to deliver some prospect of hope for, what can only be described as, the second-most desperate of economies our nation has faced in its history.

    Just maybe it was this very same level of political ambition and zeal that allowed *this* administration to hunt down and put a bullet in our good friend, Mr. Bin Laden while others failed so abysmally to do similarly.

  18. “monday-afternoon-quarterbacking”

    Let me change that to “monday-afternoon-a season later-quarterbacking”.

    It looks like even you, I, everyone and their mothers suspected Solyndra’s demise in April 2010.

    At the least, the fact that the Obama’s admin allowed the loan to be restructured this year, in effect protecting private investors before the government demonstrates

    1. His gross inability to execute a stimulus program.

    2. His credibility regarding the handling of new tax revenue.

    (it’s a coincident that those two above items are his agenda going forward)

    This is the basis for which many of us want him replaced.

  19. Keep wonderin’ wonder-kid – whatever it was had little to do with the WHO/admin $.5B expenditures.

    See, nearly 1/2 (43%) of those vaccinations ended up in the incinerator – in the crapper – – down the toilet – – and did no good for anyone – – – they timed out, expired on the shelf – went bad. . . . long after one of the mildest influenza seasons on record !


    But, knock yourself out – as I said – the list of economic resources and human lives wasted, misused, stolen or given away by the previous admin is L E N G T H Y.

  20. Marty,

    I would argue that the Republicans prevented the proper execution of stimulus. Proper stimulus would be tax credits and tax cuts for the poor while raising taxes for the rich. The rich will spend and invest in order to maximize their pre-tax dollars. The poor will spend to just get by. The economy will grow and we’ll leave this recession behind.

  21. would argue that the Republicans…

    I wish you would, instead of saying it’s so and leaving it at that.

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