Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:

A pedestrian was fatally struck by a vehicle at Grand Teton and Brice Canyon Road. 

A psychiatrist called to report that her patient told her over the phone that he had swallowed 75 Tylenol PM pills while downing whisky. Cops found the man driving to someplace where he planned to drown himself. Instead they had him sent to a psychiatric hospital.

A 48-year-old had a bizarre reaction to an illegal drug. After taking the drug, he felt compelled to call about a phony burglary at his home. Police arrived and arrested him for drug violations.

From the wire:
Feds also searching homes of Solyndra execs.
New CEO for Lam Resarch.
It was pointed out to me that Fremont doesn’t build new speed humps … or lumps.

Matt Artz

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