Identity of the new Fremont Politics blogger

I’ve gotten a couple of emails asking if I know who the identity of this new Fremont blogger. I don’t, but it appears the blogger has revealed himself/herself as a member of the Fremont Unified School Board, who didn’t attend the board’s most recent meeting. Check out the latest post:

Thanks to a fellow school boardmember for this interesting story.  Indian Americans marched by the boat load to the Fremont school board meeting at Technology drive yesterday. Apparently, they were upset that they were not being allowed use of the gym facilities for a community event hosted by Gujrati Cultural Association. 

You don’t thank a “fellow school board member” unless you are also a member of the school board … or you have zero command of the English language. Certainly it’s not the latter; boatload is two words, right? Interesting tidbit, though. Read it here.

Matt Artz


  1. Remember Matt, Fremont has two school boards: FUSD and Ohlone College. I have heard Ohlone College Trustees refer to themselves as “school board members” on several occasions.

  2. It seems this mystery blogger is a bit defensive about his/her/its identity. I left a comment that may go unapproved, since my question about who the blogger is also has not appeared since I left it.


    My comment:

    Well, thank you for being so gracious to your readers! I, for one, will be moving on now. I’m not afraid to let people know who I am.

    And, yes, it does matter. While it does not change what you have to say — who you are provides context that helps your readers decide how to interpret your opinions. For example, your “oh Centerville is so scary” comment in your post about Center Theater. Are you saying that as a member of the Centerville community or as someone living in the hills? Your comment that the Planning Commission did “a great job” in your post about the mansion in the hills — from what context is that opinion coming? It matters if you are personally connected to members of the Planning Commission or a fellow member of city government.

    “I am amongst none of you and all of you”? Please. You’re not some kind of revolutionary on pirate radio.

  3. The moment I read that, it sounded staged. The other alternative is newark or union city’s school board? Or my original opinion- its a load of hooey.

  4. The blogger has recently posted (in comments) he/she is not a Fremont School Board member.

    “You don’t thank a ‘fellow school board member’ unless you are also a member of the school board … or you have zero command of the English language.”

    The thing is, Matt isn’t wrong. Given the choices, I would have lied and say I was one.

  5. “Thanks to a fellow school boardmember”

    You’d think an actual board member would know that the term is two words.

    Also, I can see someone using the term “fellow” as a way to condescend the position.

    My verdict, Matt is probably wrong. Allow the person write anonymously, it’s a word press blog for Christ’s sake. We all know thatany asshat with a computer can get one.

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