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From the cops:
Police apparently use Tasers on crooks the way I use a spray bottle on my cat. When young Tuck starts attacking me in the early morning looking to be fed, all I have to do is hold the spray bottle, and he runs away — only to come back about two minutes later more ferocious than before. Yesterday officers arrested a man for beating up his sister. They had him in his backyard, and when he decided to try to hop the fence, the officers only had to point the Taser at him to make him give up that idea.

A 15-year-old with a butcher knife was chasing his brother around the house on Burnside Court. Cops came and 5150’d the kid.

Hard to know what possesses two teens walking down Lincoln Avenue to see two men on a porch and challenge them to a fight. It’s also hard to know what would possess the men on the porch to welcome the confrontation. Before it was over up to 20 men were scuffling on the street until police broke it up.

From the wire:
Listen to NPR’s story on yesterday’s Solyndra hearings.

Matt Artz


  1. Looks like Solyndra is all over the news again. Certainly not the kind of recognition Fremont needs.

  2. Agreed. I would much rather have Fremont known as the home of the A’s.

    Anyone else look at the Republicans as acting foolish with this attempt to get Obama over Solyndra? The wasted money poured into the military industrial and service system, a.k.a. Republican Happyville, dwarfs Solyndra many times over. It’s also the Republicans who champion the business-friendly trade policies that make the US so uncompetitive. Sorry, did I say business-friendly? I meant anti-union, rich, mega-corporation, big-bucks-Republican-donating friendly.

  3. Jon, a few points. NAFTA was signed by Clinton, Goldman Sachs was Obamas single greatest campaign contibutor, giving more to Obama in 2010 than any other politician, and I highly doubt Simon Acedemics would ever pony up for union wages and benefits, though I see you have no issue expecting others to.

  4. my cat gets on my face in morning if theres no food. but i took her and am responsible to HER needs. i dont tell her “get the **** away from me”

    so this sounds totally liberal, but i am from fremont


  5. Marty,

    NAFTA isn’t what I’m talking about. NAFTA has been mostly fine for America. Obama and Clinton are both centrists, a bit too center in most ways. That includes being overly friendly to big corporations.

    Our big problems come from allowing other countries to manipulate currency, and giving the rich and large corporations tax breaks they don’t need and don’t deserve.

    As for Goldman Sachs, the smart corporations give big to everyone. Did they not give to the Republicans? They certainly bought the Republicans, though, evidenced by their war against regulating Wall Street.

  6. Jon, really everything you’ve said can go both ways. I am confused why you even attempt to make a partisan point.

  7. # 3 Have the FCNers made Fremont “very nice”…good move Box, you and yours screwed Fremont “big time”.

  8. Marty,

    Perhaps you’re confused because you mistakenly think I’m a partisan? I’m just attacking the Republicans because they’re worse than the Democrats, not defending the Democrats because they’re great. Of course the Libertarians and Greens are even worse, but when Mommy tucked you in and said that life is fair, she was lying.

    Here are a few more confusing thoughts:

    The stimulus package was the right kind of move, but was handled badly. Probably 60:40 regarding Republican:Democrat blame.

    The handling of the Iraq war might, just might, work out. However, Afghanistan is going to go terribly. If I were an Afghani woman, I would be preparing my application for asylum.

    Obama’s Middle East policy is a total disaster. Being fair and pleasant to opposing interests, all while distancing from friends, never seems to work.

    The previous point also applies to Obama versus the Republicans.

    Our system is so broken that a Republican-controlled Supreme Court outlawed attempts to fix it. It was called campaign finance reform. Now it’s called recycling.

  9. The question you REALLY need to ask yourself, Charlie, is why Wasserman and the Chamber et al were so ineffectual at mounting an effective promotional campaign.

    Fremont has some real potential.

    Sadly, we are hamstrung by small town political (and personal) motives, electorate apathy, and avoidance of critical thinking/reasoning by our leaders.

    This very venue is a wonderful profiling of what Fremont has to offer *and* is an example of what ails our leadership.

    The pro-incumbancy faction which is frequently aligned with your beloved pro-stadeeumm faction clearly wishes to redirect any thread which becomes remotely critical of City Haul. . . . and, they’re perfectly comfortable utilizing schoolyard tactics and reasoning to do so. Presumably, because they lack the requisite skills to do anything else.

    Either that or, perhaps, *Tony* is right.

  10. Perhaps you’re confused because you mistakenly think I’m a partisan?

    I should thank Obama for compelling a true blue died in the wool liberal Democrat to distance himself from the ideology.

    See, I am non-partisan now! Just like you!

  11. Bbox # 10
    Are you really trying to have a intellectual conversation with Charlie, LMAO

  12. Good Evening from Wall St. Bitches!

    Jon, #9,
    Didn’t you mean to say:
    “Our system is so broken that a Republican-controlled Supreme Court outlawed attempts to fix it. It was called THE 2000 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.”?

    Since you, Jon, are so outspoken about our congressional representative’s inappropriate demeanor and irresponsible rhetoric, I was wondering if you might point out, from Pete Stark’s recent opinions concerning congress, some specific examples that you find repugnant.

    To Bbox #10, Ahoy!
    It’s never a bad idea to be aware of what is in the realm of possibility now is it?
    Otherwise you’re like the man who walks around town never considering the people looking down from windows high above the street, never seeing others who watch and don’t watch him, or do both, or take a picture, who knows, not him, not ever, for he never looks up.

    Hey! MP Marty! Can you answer me somethin’? Yor a smart feller. So you shud knows.

    Who’s side is WILBUR ROSS on?

    I’d be much obliged if you could let me know.


  13. #12…Hey Calguy, do you and the Box really think electing a two time loser is *really* the best solution for what ails our BORING bedroom community? I am NOT enamored by our current incumbents but being a former boy scout does not qualify one to be the savior of Fremont. Time for you FCNers to get *responsible* and suggest a *responsible* choice who might replace our current incumbents. Your thoughts?

  14. “I was wondering if you might point out, from Pete Stark’s recent opinions concerning congress”

    Pete Stark said –

    “I used to get on the house floor and say, ‘Bush orders the heads of GI’s blown off for his own amusement’, then we’d go out and have a vodka gimlet and a few laughs. But the discourse now, it’s out of hand – not like the old days. One night, I remember one of the 2004 Dem candidates, I forget his name. Edwards or something. This cowboy lived in the biggest ****ing house in his county. Bigger than most high schools. Must have taken a god damned nuclear plant to heat n’ cool the sum a bitch. We’d have a big laugh whenever we saw him on CNN talking about energy conservation and and the ‘wealthy and privileged’,. Hot dog, 32 friggen percent of Democrats voted for this sum a bitch in the primary. Could have been president. He knew he was shit too. We’d all have a big laugh when his broad, Ray-ell I think would walk in Barron’s Bar down the street from the capital building. John would refer to her as his ‘piece of ass with hair’. ‘Chemo is bitch, and so is Elizabeth’, he’d say. Man, those were good times, only because Larry Craig saved our asses that year. Damn “fruitcake” as I like to say. But, I’ll tell ya, if a god damned Republican ever uses that word, the gimlets better be on him.”

  15. Marty,
    I’m a “true blue died in the wool liberal”? I’m not sure. I think the whole liberal/conservative thing is a bit too simplistic. I’d call myself a somewhat-left-of-mainstream Democrat and a realist. Realism requires shining harsh light upon and scrutinizing all leadership, including the ones I vote for. People called Bush Jr. the messiah, literally, but I voted for Clinton in the primary against Obama. We’d really have to go down the list, issue by issue, taking positions and explaining them to get a true sense of my politics.

    Obama is honest. He said he was centrist and he’s been centrist. He said he would reach across the aisle and make peace, which he has tried whole-heartedly. He said he would do different things in foreign policy, which he has. Sadly, when faced with the intransigence of the Republicans and our nation’s enemies, nice guys finish last. That’s why I wanted Clinton. Her powerful personality can whip people into compliance.

    I don’t follow Stark that closely. I also work when he has his town meetings. I’d call him a leftist.

  16. We’d really have to go down the list, issue by issue, taking positions and explaining them to get a true sense of my politics.

    Ok Jon, where do you stand on having ever voted for a non-Democrat?

    You sure want a lot of benefit of the doubt for someone who affords none to others.

  17. Charlie #14,
    Charlie have you ever worked as a volunteer for the good of the city. have you ever volunteered for a politician that shares your views.
    Or is slamming people on the blog the height of your contribution to the community.

  18. Marty,

    What’s your point? Of course I haven’t voted for any Republicans. They’re the worst major choice. I have “not voted” for Democrats.

  19. Of course I haven’t voted for any Republicans

    Do you even get why that fact makes you a partisan?

  20. Calguy #19
    Yes, I have to both. As a card carrying member of the FCN all you and your gang have accomplished would be toward the detriment of the city. Our community needs to be reminded to vote for *responsible* candidates in the next election. Can you suggest someone who might be a *responsible* candidate? Someone that might be a better alternative to our current incumbents? I dare you to give me an answer!

  21. @Tony #13

    A good man said “Even though people are hated for doing the right thing, that doesn’t give us a reason to stop doing what’s right.”

    Did I see you at Fry’s this past Tuesday morning ?

  22. Marty,

    I get why it looks partisan, but it doesn’t make me partisan. I am not a committed member of the Democratic Party. I attended a few meetings in Niles. I am committed to what I believe works, and I will support that. I’m sure you can see the difference.

  23. Jon, do you know who else gets why it looks partisan? Local, state and national Democrats.

    Do you ever wonder if the low quality of representation we get is directly related to the fact that they don’t even have to try to get your vote?

  24. Marty,

    I don’t have a problem with “looks partisan.” I have a problem with being partisan. Who would you vote for in the next open primary: Pete Stark, a Republican with no chance of winning a general election versus any Democrat, or me?

  25. Jon, I’m not the one trying to bull-s my way out of admitting I’m a partisan. So your answer, the Republican.

  26. Well, Marty, I certainly wouldn’t vote for Pete Stark. You are partisan. That’s fine. I am not.

  27. Has anyone else noticed that Marty never answers the questions you ask him no matter how simple and direct?

    No, Mr Bbox, I was not at Fry’s on Tuesday morning.
    What did I miss?

  28. I know, Tony. Admitatfly better than spending 3 days lying. But what do I know? You’re probably another one of those “non-partisan Realists(TM)” who have never voted for a Republican in his life.

  29. I asked you Marty, whose side do you think Wilbur Ross is on?

    and F.Y.I. I voted for Duncan Hunter in 2004.

  30. Tony, I have never heard the name Wilber Ross before. Difficult question to answer, especially when you have history of going nutbag with your posts.

  31. Actually Marty, the question is more than difficult to answer if you’ve never heard the name before, it’s impossible.

    So go ask meat puppeteer Erick Erickson. He’ll tell you what to say.

  32. So, you’re faulting me for not directly answering an impossible question?

  33. I know you’re busy getting ready for your little bake sale at Cal Marty, but even so, that’s all you and Erick Erickson could come up with for a response? hahahah! Boooorrrrrinng!

  34. Agreed, Tony. I’m bored with you too. Perhaps it’s showing in my responses.

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