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From the cops:

There isn’t much reason to be at Mojo’s Lounge at 1:40 a.m. on a Thursday. But there were quite a few people inside the Peralta Boulevard bar and most of them were wannabe pugilists. Several fights broke out as the bar was closing. One man who was trying to break up a fight got the worst of it. Cops found him laying in the street semi-conscious.

From the wire:
You can get a Fremont Unified School District app, with the new butt meadow logo for your iPhone.

Matt Artz


  1. Do the people, residents, voters of Fremont realize that the Mayor and entire council is either up for
    re-election or are termed out.
    Mayor Wasserman – Termed Out
    Bill “Hog” Harrison – Termed Out
    Anu Natarajan – Termed Out

    Appointed Council Persons
    Sue Chan – Appointed Will run in 2012
    Dominic Dutra – Appointed promised not to run in 2012 (As a Council Person)
    Next…Who will run!

  2. Who will run for Fremont Mayor
    Anu Natarajan
    Dominic Dutra Remember He said he would not run for CouncilPerson, but Mayor?
    Bill “Hog” Harrison

    Who will run for Fremont City Council

    John T Herndon
    Kristin Briggs
    Vladmir Rodrigues The stealth candidate
    Carl Flynn
    Linda Suseov Heath permitting!
    Roy Chinmoy
    Fazlur Khan
    Trisha Tahmasbi
    Vinnie Bacon
    Charles Bartlett
    David Bonacorsi
    Yogi Chigh
    Dirk Lorenz
    Raj Salwan
    Kathy McDonald

    Who did I miss?
    oops, Council Person Sue Chan was elected,? not appointed…..

  3. Man – how do I always seem to miss all the fun??? Oh right, I am a fully evolved human not a Neantratol – drunk + stupid = same thing


  5. Glad to see Bill Harrison go. I am not sure I would refer to him as “hog” but he does have more “Chins” than a Chinese phone book.

  6. Is Harrison worse than Bacon?..Please let’s not forget the out of control ego of Kathy McDonald.

  7. Out of control ego . . . yup . . . completely out of control . . . . . McDonald is completely mad . . according to Charlie C . mwahahahahahahahahahaha . . . ..

    It was Harrison and Natarajan who BOTH approved the use of revenues paid by Centerville, Irvington, Mission San Jose, and Warm Springs taxpayers to repave private properties in Niles.

    Why did they do so ?????????????


  8. What’s with the personal attacks? Let’s argue the issues or positions the council has taken.

  9. It is clear to me that Charlie C, whatever his real name is, knows neither Vinnie Bacon nor Kathy McDonald.

  10. Don’t know PLK, but I’m betting Bbox and West have a running bowling night with Anu and Bill.

  11. #10
    If we’re in the business of giving away our prime real estate, why give it to baseball.”
    -Kathy (Choo Choo) McDonald

    Just the facts BOX , Vinnie and Choo Choo gleefully killed the biggest and best thing that would have ever happened here in Fremont and now Fremont is as screwed as screwed can be. FYI, it really wasn’t overcast yesterday, that was just Vinnie Bacons running mates ego blocking out the sun!

  12. Such incessant obstanance and ignorance of the facts – – sheesh – if I didn’t know any better, I’d think I was listening to a City Council meeting.

    From the looks of things, McDonald is in the company of some pretty smart folks –


    “The case is so clear against this being a top priority for cities to be doing with their resources, I would have thought that wisdom would have prevailed by now.”

    “…numerous cities are littered with “downtown catalysts” that have failed to catalyze, from the St. Louis “Ballpark Village,” which was left a muddy vacant lot for years after the neighboring ballpark opened, to the Newark hockey arena sited in the midst of a wasteland of half-shuttered stores”

  13. Speaking of catalysts, I wonder how extensively they’ll be employed for trapping combustion byproducts at the new rail yard?

  14. In comment 15, it is asserted that Vinnie Bacon and Kathy McDonald killed the baseball stadium. This is not true. The original site west of 880 was killed by the Catellus Corp. which had veto power over the project. Remember that the project consisted of 3500 houses plus 500,000 square feet of retail space plus the stadium financed primarily by income from the sale of the houses and retail space.

    The second site near the future Warm Springs BART station was killed by Lew Wolff when he did not write the check for the environmental impact study. It would have also required the redevelopment agency to purchase the land and provide infrastructure improvements for the stadium. This would have amounted to about $100,000,000 of public funds. A much better deal for our city would have put the entire cost and risk of the stadium, including land and infrastructure, in the lap of the developer.

    It is quite clear that the real goal was to put a stadium in San Jose.

  15. #18 WOW – FACTS
    I think that worked – 24 minutes of radio silence…
    make that 25.

  16. #18

    Now that quieted things down….
    Radio silence for 80 minutes and counting.

  17. #16 Hey Boxie, is this what you would call smart?
    Read it and weep…
    “I knew that the railroads were here before I moved here, I don’t know that a railroad yard will be such a tremendous impact to us as residents.”
    -Kathy (Choo Choo) McDonald

    #18 PLK …It is quite clear that the *real goal* of the FCNers killing the proposed baseball stadium was to get their *junta* in power. Reasonable people could have made the ballpark work and you know it. Lew Wolff is a *reasonable* unlike Vinnie Bacon and Kathy McDonald!

  18. Heck, I guess I dont know what “smart” is, Charlie, and around these parts, THAT’S a pretty silly question – – – but, maybe you ought to take that up with the folks over in Niles.

    I guess I thought Kathy was just kinda takin’ a page out of the Niles playbook. . . you know, Niles ? It’s the little area that is in love with their little choo choos . . .

    And for really good reasons, right ????

    For one thing, that little triangle we call Niles is bordered on all three sides by active, working, rail lines. Heck, they’re practically SURROUNDED by trains !

    Daily freight runs and a few passenger runs each of which is belching god-knows-what into the air that we all breath. . .. .

    And I dont see anyone walking around with one eye in the middle of their foreheads (yet).

    And, those very same folks even host little concerts in their town square, just a few short steps from the daily Amtrak and all those lovely tank cars hauling who knows what to who knows where – – – – and people seem to just LOVE it !

    The point is that ANYONE that’s been around Fremont isn’t about to get too terribly riled up over a few trains Charlie, because trains have been a part of our little community for long, long, long before you stumbled into the bright idea of trying to fabricate some kind of problem that isn’t.

    But, hey – you keep on playin’ that one-note banjo of yours, you are VERY good at it.

  19. Why does Box remind me of that dinner date who insists her steak is ok despite the fact it’s been charred into a lump of coal? Pun intended.

  20. Marty, what about those trains in Niles? There’s a lot of them. Are they ruining your neighborhood or are you still insisting your steak’s ok?

  21. #22
    What we got here is a failure to communicate.
    Boxie, can your *Niles envy* explain why your acting like a McDonalds labour slave with attitude… or could it be are you and the Calguy are sharing needles? The fact is Niles is surrounded by Fremont a bad break I suppose. Maybe you and Vinnie, and Choo Choo McDonald can find *another cash cow* to chase out of Fremont. Play ball!


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