The Get to the Point Game

Here’s an exciting new blog game. Every Monday I will will dig into the Tri-City Voice archives and and unearth an editorial. I will then post the first graph of the editorial here on the blog. The first person that correctly answers what the editorial is actually about will win a prize that could be anything from homemade sauerkraut to store-bought brownies to the rights to the name “The Argus of Fremont, Newark and Union City.”

Here is the first paragraph of a recent editorial. Tell me what it’s really about:

Youth empathizes with Maria, a convent postulant; those with a few grey hairs and more years under their belt sympathize with the nuns at Nonnberg Abbey in the 1959 Rogers and Hammerstein musical, The Sound of Music. In the midst of serious and tragic events in Austria leading to World War II, blithe spirits were hard to find and difficult to tolerate especially in a monastic setting. However, a counterpoint to grave and somber circumstance is often a welcome, albeit temporary relief. In the musical, Maria is unsuitable for monastic life but provides the spark necessary to ignite a new life for the von Trapp family amidst menacing Nazis.

Matt Artz