Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:

A Raider fan celebrated his team’s rare success Sunday with a lot of booze. He was honest with police about why he was swerving his car through Niles, but that didn’t stop them from arresting for DUI.

A resident on Philadelphia Place saw two teens enter a neighbor’s home through a window. She not only called police, she told the two young burglars she had called police. When informed that the cops were on the way, they dropped the loot and fled into a waiting get-away car.

A man fought back against an armed robber Monday near the intersection of Mowry and Hastings. The victim kept his stuff, but left the scuffle with a bullet in his butt cheek.

From the wire:
Apparently, I’m alone in having never heard of Gordon Ramsay. The celebrity chef will be filming at Saki’s this weekend.
The Essanay Cafe in Niles is dead. Long live The Vine.

From Berkeley:
It looks like an old Fremont hand is in line to become Berkeley City Manager. Christine Daniel, who left Fremont about the time I arrived, was singled out as a capable successor in the resignation letter penned by the outgoing city manager.

Matt Artz


  1. I wish the new owners of the Vine Restaurant the best of Luck.
    I hope they draw customers from all of Fremont and Tri City area..
    Niles is a meatloaf town, perhaps that is the reason the Essanny Cafe failed.

  2. There’s no prices on the Vine Restaurant website? Aw, I’m probably too poor to eat there then…

  3. That was my thought as well, Audrey. You expect to see no prices on the menu at a very upscale place in SF, not somewhere in Niles.

    It’s gotten mixed reviews on Yelp.

    If it’s good, I don’t mind paying a bit more, but I’d like a point of reference set before I get the bill…

  4. McDonald’s doesn’t post prices in their online menu. I look up menus online a lot, and it’s rare to find prices listed, unless they support online ordering.

  5. I had looked at the menu in the window when walking by and prices were not listed there either…

  6. MikeTeeVee makes a good and true point.

    Also: The yelp reviews are (mostly) from the opening night and opening nights are difficult. So we wait.

  7. They should post prices on the window menu.

    I can’t believe how full of it some people are to write a review of a restaurant during opening week. Especially when that review is based on staff inefficiencies.

  8. Looks like people wrote good reviews on yelp in response to the low ones. Too bad the reviews will get filtered in a few weeks.

  9. Marty, Yelp has this system of “filtering” reviews out so that they don’t factor into the star rating. They will filter reviews which are written by reviewers with only one review, along with other criteria that they don’t really disclose.
    You can read the filtered reviews – it will say “XX filtered reviews” in gray at the bottom and you can click and read them.
    I might check them out during their “happy hour” and hopefully get a better idea of what the prices are. People think running a restaurant is easy, it’s not…

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