Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:
Police apparently use Tasers on crooks the way I use a spray bottle on my cat. When young Tuck starts attacking me in the early morning looking to be fed, all I have to do is hold the spray bottle, and he runs away — only to come back about two minutes later more ferocious than before. Yesterday officers arrested a man for beating up his sister. They had him in his backyard, and when he decided to try to hop the fence, the officers only had to point the Taser at him to make him give up that idea.

A 15-year-old with a butcher knife was chasing his brother around the house on Burnside Court. Cops came and 5150’d the kid.

Hard to know what possesses two teens walking down Lincoln Avenue to see two men on a porch and challenge them to a fight. It’s also hard to know what would possess the men on the porch to welcome the confrontation. Before it was over up to 20 men were scuffling on the street until police broke it up.

From the wire:
Listen to NPR’s story on yesterday’s Solyndra hearings.


Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:

Like many of us, a 45-year-old Fremont man craves doughnuts after having a few too many drinks. Unlike many of us, the doughnuts he likes are the ones you do behind the wheel. He lost control of his car in the middle of a doughnut and splattered into a pole. Cops cited him for DUI before authorities took him to the hospital.

The Round Table Pizza in Warm Springs was visited by two men wearing hoods, masks and gloves. They entered with guns and left with guns and cash.

From the wire:
House Republicans release documents showing White House might have rushed Solyndra loan guarantees.

We have one of the documents posted on our website, where you can also watch the House hearing on Solyndra live.


Identity of the new Fremont Politics blogger

I’ve gotten a couple of emails asking if I know who the identity of this new Fremont blogger. I don’t, but it appears the blogger has revealed himself/herself as a member of the Fremont Unified School Board, who didn’t attend the board’s most recent meeting. Check out the latest post:

Thanks to a fellow school boardmember for this interesting story.  Indian Americans marched by the boat load to the Fremont school board meeting at Technology drive yesterday. Apparently, they were upset that they were not being allowed use of the gym facilities for a community event hosted by Gujrati Cultural Association. 

You don’t thank a “fellow school board member” unless you are also a member of the school board … or you have zero command of the English language. Certainly it’s not the latter; boatload is two words, right? Interesting tidbit, though. Read it here.


Mission 88 – Washington 1

The competition is national merit scholar semi-finalists, and once again, Fremont’s champ is Mission San Jose High School.

The Studyholics tallied more semi-finalists that all the other schools in Fremont combined.

Following Mission’s 88 semifinalists, were Irvington with 20, American with 7 and Washington with 1.

Kennedy didn’t have any, but it is getting a new outdoor theater and still has the best collection of kvetching parents in the district.



Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:

Two men welcomed home a family to Winding Lane Sunday upon their return from a weekend trip. One of the men showed off his gun while the other ransacked the family’s home, departing with cash, jewelry and a cell phone.

A woman walking alone on Cavendish Place Sunday was stopped by a man with a gun. Apparently the gunman didn’t grab anything off the woman, but cops and their pooch failed in their bid to grab the gunman.

A man entered Peet’s too early Sunday. Instead of waiting to get some coffee for his hang-over, he entered the coffee shop still rip-roaring drunk. Cops arrested him.

Police got a report at 6:44 a.m. Saturday that a man had been shot several times and was sprawled out in the middle of the 3300 block of Juliet Circle. Officers arrived to find a 33-year-old man with multiple gunshot wounds. He’ll live.

A young thief with clean hands but a guilty conscience bolted when he saw a cop drive past him at the Fremont Hub. The cop pursued him from one crappy chain restaurant to another before apprehending the young buck, who earlier that night had managed to steal a 22-inch television from Target.

Another pizza delivery guy was robbed at gunpoint, this time around Lake Garrison street. Crook got the pizza and some dough. 

From the wire:

Fremont company proposes solar panels among the windmills.


Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:

A pedestrian was fatally struck by a vehicle at Grand Teton and Brice Canyon Road. 

A psychiatrist called to report that her patient told her over the phone that he had swallowed 75 Tylenol PM pills while downing whisky. Cops found the man driving to someplace where he planned to drown himself. Instead they had him sent to a psychiatric hospital.

A 48-year-old had a bizarre reaction to an illegal drug. After taking the drug, he felt compelled to call about a phony burglary at his home. Police arrived and arrested him for drug violations.

From the wire:
Feds also searching homes of Solyndra execs.
New CEO for Lam Resarch.
It was pointed out to me that Fremont doesn’t build new speed humps … or lumps.


FBI searching Solyndra

The Chron is reporting that FBI agents are searching Solyndra this morning.

I went down there. The FBI had two spokespeople who basically gave a prepared statement that they were executing a search warrent regarding a joint investigation with the Department of Energy.

Solyndra spokesman David Miller said he showed up for work at 7 a.m. to find a team of FBI officers on the premesis. He said the agents are going through all the buildings, but he wasn’t going to speculate on what they were looking for.

The big question seemed to be whether there were more FBI agents at Solyndra or Bay Area News Group employees. Over the course of about an hour, we had four reporters and two photographers there.



Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:

A woman on Red Cedar Terrace stared down a burglar, who was trying to enter her home through an open bedroom window. He fled to the outdoor pool and wasn’t heard from again.

Cops were called to Osgood Road, where a man was dumping trash. Unfortunately for the litterer, he didn’t dump his drugs. Cops arrested him for possession.

A man walked into the Jack in the Box on Auto Mall Parkway Saturday with what looked to be a machine gun. He pointed it at employees and demanded cash. They complied.

A 17-year-old left a part on Fisalia Court and promptly drove into a fire hydrant. The fire hydrant didn’t stop the drunk teenager, but officers did, and they arrested him for hit-and-run and for driving under the influence.

From the wire:
Obama bundler and Solyndra backer says he didn’t lobby for $535 million loan guarantee.
Stark wants Solyndra to give benefits to laid off workers
Solyndra workers sue over lack of warning over shutdown.
Tough climate for U.S. solar industry.
Two benefit walks to be held at Lake Elizabeth.