Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:
Two more auto burglaries in parking lot outside the Starbucks at Mowry and Blacow. Most of the burglaries are happening during the morning commute. One victim lost an iPhone that was left on the seat.

A man fought off a robber who tried to grab his backpack, but did suffer a punch to the face during the scuffle.

At Walmart two men were arrested for filling a large box with perfume, purses, and mouthwash. At Dale Hardware, employees grabbed and held a man they said had been writing bad checks for months.

A shoplifter at Walmart roughed up a cop on his way out the door, but officers tracked him down.

From the wire:
A look inside the Solyndra factory.
Mr. Roadshow defends metering lights
Optimistic story on U.S. solar industry.
EEOC suing Fremont company for firing worker with deformed hand.

Matt Artz