Get to the Point Game II

Alright, Round 2. Below is the opening paragraph from a Tri-City Voice editorial circa 2008. I’m offering the possibility of prizes for the first person to correctly tell me what the editorial is actually about.

Here we go:

An eternal question faced by just about everyone is “Do you love me?” The implication is of unconditional acceptance which does not waver with circumstance. For some this is a natural consequence of an attractive personality while others may struggle to find such approval. Not only individuals, but organizations and municipalities ask the same question. Companies rely on employee productivity which is directly related to a feeling of loyalty and comfort. Asking for efforts above and beyond the routine and ordinary relies on a core, elemental response to the question: Do you love me?

Matt Artz


  1. Okay…

    “the attitude and bond between city and citizen”

    (in Newark)

  2. This is clearly about the disposition of Mission SJ students and the relationship they have with with their parents.

  3. Newark and more taxes; they go hand in hand. The school district wants an additional $63 million in bonds on top of the $66 million they received in the June 1997 election. The district is asking for the new bond to pay for the same things they asked for in the 1997 bond. Where did the 1997 bond money go? Residents are still paying interest on it.

    The City told the school district that 3,000 additional houses in Newark would help pay off the bonds. The problem is, there are no plans to build 3,000 additional houses anytime soon.

    The school district gets a failing grade for trying to get another bond to pay for the same projects it asked for money in 1997. The city gets a failing grade for making up additional houses the city knows are not going to be built for a very long time.

    Do we love the city or the school district? No, not when they use faulty numbers and can’t keep track of bonds and maintenance projects.

  4. Please donate my winnings to Marty’s cause of choice…

    Wait…what would those be exactly?

  5. Marty’s cause of choice…

    In that respect – Matt, please take the cash value of my winnings and buy two jack and cokes at Hooters.

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