NY Times on Fremont

While I was busy this week breaking the news of Tim Lincecum getting sued by his ex-landlord, the folks at the New York Times filled in admirably for me.

The Gray Lady had this story about crooks targeting Indian families because they’ve got a lot a gold.

And now they’ve got this story about how a senior Energy Department official lobbied for the Solyndra loan guarantee even though his wife worked for a law firm that represented the company.

Matt Artz


  1. Those stories are originally from the Bay Citizen, an admirable online news organization that runs on a pledge-supported model.

  2. Couldn’t “a lot a gold” build more than a few Cricket fields in the Tri-city area? I say it’s time to spare the *taxpayers* and finance guilty pleasures with your own doe-ray -me!

  3. The great Al Davis, of the Oakland, Raiders has passed away, thanks for the memories Al

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