Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:

Nothing good ever seems to happen at the Northgate Savoy Apartments. On Sunday, two residents wearing gold chains were outnumbered by three crooks who wanted their gold chains. The crooks won.

The Century House — right across the street from The Argus — was burglarized.

A house party on Mission View in Niles turned violent Saturday, with two people getting knifed in the chest. Neither victim had life-threatening injuries.

From the web:

A fond farewell to Talk Fremont, perhaps my all-time favorite website. Sadly it appears that random people obsessing over my reporting and this blog does not make for a profitable venture, even though it was a huge ego boost for yours truly. I loved it when one commenter called our paper The ArtzGas. Not sure when the website died, but it’s dead.

Matt Artz


  1. Shame about “Talk Fremont”. Visiting was like a peering into an asylum.

    This means more “West” (and aliases) at the TCB, and more trouble for San Leandro.

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