The Godfather

Fremont Police Chief Craig Steckler was dubbed the “California’s Policing Godfather” by the folks at the International Association of Chiefs of Police. Steckler, 67, is association’s newly minted first vice president.

It’s a fair comparison. All Steckler needs is a snarl, and he could be Don Corleone with Halloween without much trouble










In the spirit of the holiday, here are a couple more locals with celebrity look-a-likes.



Steckler’s predecessor, and Fremont Mayor Bob Wasserman wouldn’t have much trouble being a convincing Penguin for Halloween.


 And, you’ve probably never seen a photo of Ohlone Board of Trustees President Rich Watters.



But he’s a dead ringer for Cameron from Modern Family.


And then there’s me. I don’t look like anyone you’d want near your kids’ elementary school in this photo:


But if you cleaned me up, took me off the vegan farm, and turned back the clock, I’d a little too much like this guy:


Matt Artz