Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:

A sly man with a scruffy beard managed to sneak a computer monitor and computer bag from the Staples on Boscell Road. The manager pursued, but only managed to watch the thief enter a Pontiac with two ladies waiting inside.

A drunk man took someone elses Honda Pilot for a spin and crashed it in the area of Falcon and Peregrine drives. The driver stumbled from the scene, but the cops arrested him nearby.

From the wire:
New York Times on Solyndra Auction.

Matt Artz


  1. Matt, great news to hear that you and the Argus will live to see another day. The level of local reporting in our area is unfortunate, so I’m thrilled with the news that the Argus will stay in tact.

    Do you not, however, think that it’s newsworthy that Mary Hayashi, a local Assemblymember, has been arrested and charged with a Felony as of last week? She is, after all, running to be our next Senator.

    This was one of the biggest local political news stories in the area. She may be charged, she may be forced to resign, she definitely owes us all an explanation.

    Please keep up, Matt.

  2. Heather — I am sad for my editor, Steve Waterhouse, who was among those laid off. He worked long hours and saved my butt many times with his attention to detail. Also, Steve never read this blog, or as he called it, “this #$@$@$ blog.” He let me do my own thing, and I always appreciated the benign neglect.

    Fremont Politics — Nice scoop on Kimber Park. Keep up the good work. The more local news websites, the better.

  3. #1 – FP – why are you asking about Ms. Hayashi – that isn’t nice at all – – – – BUT, you did a very nice job on Kimber . . . . . .

    (Welcome to CoFMAS)


    P.S. –

    How ’bout those CEO comp packages ? OR
    The use of CoF public funds to repave private roads ? OR. . . .

  4. #6 – An abbreviated version of the – “If you dont like it why dont you just go elsewhere.” – argument.

    Which, ONCE AGAIN, is a clear avoidance of the greater issues. You know, like the challenges which confront our city and the relative quality of it’s (mis)management.

    Better to derail that line of discussion at every chance you can, eh, Marty ??

  5. What’s the greater issue I derailed?

    Movies linked on youtube that only a fossil would recognize?

  6. oh gosh . . . it must be in your DNA or something, Martee – – – the *greater* issue had nothing whatsoever to do with the *MOVIE* . . . could not have made the point better if I had tried. . LMAO ! ! ! ! !

  7. @Matt #3 – very sorry to hear about your editor. I thought the changes might be a good thing if they led to more in depth local coverage – but if BANG is letting go of experienced journalists/editors I can’t believe they’re serious about the changes. Only cynical maybe.

  8. How can BANG layoff Steve Waterhouse?!? Did they at least offer him another job? Who are they going to replace him with? Matt Artz …. there’s a story here.

  9. Tony – Matt can’t – we can. Test the editorial waters.

  10. What?! The Waterhouse news is terrible. Saved my ass too (but interns need it more).

  11. Was there any local (Fremont-Union City-Newark) coverage in any Argus issue since the implementation of the new format?

    Farber’s “My Word” lambasting some very good work by someone other than our local reporter doesn’t count . . .

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