International Indian food chain coming to Fremont

Saravanaa Bhavan, an India-based chain vegetarian restaurant with locations in Singapore, Malaysia, England, France, Germany, and of course, New Jersey, is coming to Fremont.

It’ll take over the old Joey Basil’s site on Mowry between Hooters and The Hub. That will probably make it the city’s biggest Indian restaurant. It’s supposed to open sometime next year.

Matt Artz


  1. I look forward to the opening of Saravanaa Bhavan. I think we are fortunate to have these ethnic restaurants in Fremont. I especially like Afghan at Salang Pass and Da Kobab House. I have also tried a few Indian restaurants in town that are excellent.
    I would like to know from you what ethnic restaurants in the tri city area that you like?

  2. Simply Thai; Campanella and the Mexican Tortilla Factory – best tacos….and we miss Salang badly.

  3. I bring my lunch every day. I used to buy ice cream sandwiches from an Afghan market near the Argus until they jacked the price from $1 to $1.29. In the immortal words of Waterhouse, “What the hell!”

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