Fremont City Council Report

UPDATE Fremont council members just made it clear that they’re gearing up for a tax measure. Doesn’t sound like they want to do it next November when two council members will be running for mayor and another will run for re-election — but they say it’s not about politics.

It’s budget update time. Fremont’s finances are stable. Despite cutting more than $5 million this year mostly from employee concessions, the city’s expenses are rising this year. Why? Rising pension costs.

But, the city is anticipating running a small surplus next fiscal year — the first since 2006/2007. 

The City Council just approved some re-striping along Scott Creek Road to try to prevent accidents like the one last year that injured several children walking home from school. The city’s plan is to narrow lanes and swerve traffic lanes away from the bike lane.

Kudos The American Association of University Women for taking about a tenth of the time I expected to receive their resolution from the City Council.

A doctor is mad because The Club at Mission Hills is closed and the owner erected a fence around the property. He was playing tennis at the Kimber Park fitness club just 10 days ago.

A couple of union folks are hear representing the 30 or so maintenance workers who will likely be laid off as the city looks to privatize maintenance jobs. That was one of the recommendations from a report by Management Partners. I didn’t pick up on it at the time of the report, but that firm has a few old Fremont hands including former City Manager Jan Perkins.

Quiz: Which literary giant began his novel, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…?” One official here guessed Dostoyevsky

Matt Artz


  1. ….you are kidding.
    “…it was the age of foolishness….”

    (I cant even say Dostoyevsky)

  2. a tax measure., I wonder how much surplus there would be in the budget if there was no Redevelopment. Please remember it was this council that went on a spending spree that caused money to be taken from the General budget, Now they want us to cover there spending.
    Remember this at election time.

  3. I think that the author of your quote was Charles Dickens. It came from “A Tale of Two Cities.”

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