Target in Pacific Commons to open in March/Newark location to close

From the company:

Target today announces a new store in Fremont, Calif. located at 43956 Pacific Commons Blvd. With the opening of the new Fremont South location, the Target at Newpark Mall in Newark, Calif. will close. All eligible store team members will have the opportunity to transfer to the new Fremont South store or other nearby Target stores.

Opening in March 2012, the Fremont South Target will include an expanded fresh food assortment providing greater convenience and value to Target guests. The store will offer basic fresh produce (e.g., bananas, strawberries and bagged lettuce), fresh packaged meat (e.g., ground beef, chicken and pork) and baked goods, cover approximately 138,000 square feet and employ 175-250 team members.

Matt Artz


  1. They should move the one in Newark to Lake Elizabeth and change the city’s name to Targetville.

  2. They should give visitors to Lake Elizabeth duck hunting rifles and call it Targetville.

  3. Great! Now the Newpark Mall will be even more empty and desolate that it already is. Oh, what will become of our lowly indoor mall?

  4. Newpark needs to realize that everybody is leaving the mall because the stupid rent is outrageous.

  5. Newark Politics was the downfall of Newpark Mall and Target. Will this be Mayor Smith’s Memorial?

  6. Curious DJ: How does the rent compare to other malls in real terms?

  7. Dan,

    Enclosed mall rents (and expenses) are generally higher because they, in theory, attract a mass of people and have “anchor” tenants or owners to bring in the masses, as well as having costs passed on to tenats for the expenses of the enclosed mall (cleaning, heating/AC, security, advertising, etc.) In the last decade or so, shopping trends moved toward big box and wharehouse stores.

    In the case of the recent NewPark and mall-area losses, there are other things that came into play. First, Target in recent years decided that it prefers single-story facilities with ample parking. Toys R Us has been moving toward combining its Toys and Babies brands under one roof, and, where practical, within the same shopping center Toys R US already existed. The chain has, as here, taken steps to relocate and combine the brands to new shopping centers where adjacent spaces are not available within existing shopping centers.

  8. Dan, whenever you want to turn the Newpark Mall sight into open space, you’ll have my backing. If you want to extend that to the entire city of Newark, I’m on board too.

  9. Thank you Marty. Lets start slow….why dont we turn what used to be to “Sun Campus” back into open space. It will make about the same amount of revenue that is currently being generated for Newark.

  10. Just wait until you see our CalPoly encrusted Newark general plan enhancement. City staff decided to turn our out-of-date general plan into a term-paper project for CalPoly Urban Planning students. The students plan to have a community meeting Nov 19 where we are expected to “share our vision for Newark’s future.” Just what we need, more “vision” stuff. More like a nightmare.

    But wait there’s more. The University and city staff expect the public to get the word out about the meeting. We are expected to make copies of the meeting flyer in English and Spanish and hand out to friends and neighbors.

    City staff said the city had no money to do a proper general plan update. Huh? Between 2001 and 2008 the city spent almost $2 million on community promotions according to state records. This was during the time the city should have been working on a general plan update.

    Instead, we are getting a term-paper general plan enhancement due in mid March. If I was Target I would leave Newark too. No future here for man nor beast.

  11. Margaret, ask your people to call our people.

    Fremont dredged up a very novel idea of something that sounds like it is an inevitable tax increase.

    This thing is “..just a matter of time”. All you gotta do is sit back and wait. (Until after elections, anyway) It’ll get here on its own !

    Which is a damn good thing, too, because there’s at least a couple of us stodgy old curmudgeons that hold on to the notion that Mayors and Council Members and those entrusted with spending (already) huge sums ought to have demonstrated some seriously sharp skills on the front lines of their thinking and actions.

    Unfortunately, there is a well-established record here in Fremont which is just a tad-bit less than razor sharp.

  12. #10
    you have got to be kidding me. Maybe they will have post council kegger parties. Way to go Becker.

    Toga, Toga, TOGA!!!!

  13. Welcome to the new and *improved* Fremont! We could of had a professional sports franchise you know …Anyone up for a game of government subsidized Cricket? Toga, Toga, TOGA!!!!

  14. Charie C,
    Try playing this on your one string Banjo…..

    Do you know the way to San Jose..La La la

  15. #16 Talk about can’t handle the truth. No BALLPARK IN FREMONT HA HA how about that for the truth. Now go take another hit of the bong.

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