Nothing new in traffic court

Today was to be the day that the lenient traffic Commissioner John Porter and the not so lenient Nancy Lonsdale became next-door neighbors at the Fremont Hall of Justice. Well, hold the fruit basket till Monday. Workers were still moving Porter’s stuff into Dept. 602 Friday morning, so he won’t start in Fremont until next week.

That left Lonsdale, who rejected the first request for community service this morning. When I left at 11 a.m., no other defendant had bothered to ask for it.

Matt Artz


  1. Tidbit: Lately 60-75 seats are available daily for walk-in traffic court and the number in line before court opens has been 125-150. Some are actually in Day #2 of their attempt to have their day in court having gone to the Hayward or Pleasanton courthouse as directed on their courtesy notice only to find them closed. 15-25% of those in line will gladly plead guilty if granted community service. To hear Commission Nancy Lonsdale say on TV last week on why she imposes max fines and denies C.S. belies the truth of the matter. She said, “If I run this red light it’s going to cost me $400. People seem to take that a lot more seriously than I’ll just go over to my usual community service. . . ” If she knew about the physics of intersections and the operation of the camera system, she would know most violations are not intentional and not likely to cause an accident.
    View video:

    Also, view video on how to cut violations in half:


  2. Just finished reading the San Leandro Argus, I checked the local section, nothing about Newark, Nothing about Fremont, a small aricle about Union City.
    What is the Argus definition of local. Northern California??????

  3. Cal Poly students had a public meeting today asking Newark residents what is right, what is wrong and how to improve Newark. This is called “enhancing” a general plan. Did the Argus have a story about the meeting before it happened? No. Has the Argus reported anything on this lame attempt to update Newark’s general plan? No.

    The Argus has stories about Hayward, San Leandro, San Lorenzo but little if anything about the Tri-Cities. Guess we are now outside their scope of reporting.

  4. Add to the list of services provided to the general public by Fremont Citizen’s Network – they can always be blamed for anything that anyone within the city limits is ever ticked off about, regardless of whether there is even the most tenuous connection between them and the problem, or no connection whatsoever. Thanks, FCN! Keep up the good work. You’re also to blame for rainy days and people who drive with their turn signals on.

  5. My guess is the FCN is as relevant to current Fremont politics as the Occupy movement is to activities other than lice vectoring.

  6. #5…Vectorborne diseases must have infected the majority of members of the Fremont Citizen Network *before* they ran Major League Baseball out of Fremont. These people, these FCNer’s are real dumb asses. Could it have have been in the *rancid* bacon they were forced fed at some FCN breakfast buffet? I think it’s safe to say that FCN stupidly is worse than 8 years of Ronnie the popular/George W. Bush combined!

  7. It swells my heart to know the loathing cast on the FCN crosses ideologies and party lines.

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