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From the cops:

A homeowner on Dolerita Avenue found two women in her home taking stuff that didn’t belong to them. They fled in car parked outside, but didn’t make a fast getaway. The homeowner was able to take down the license plate and cops found the car and the women in a shopping center parking lot.

People inside a car fired shots in and around the Glen Haven Apartments on Central Avenue shortly after midnight on Saturday. No one was hurt. Cops found the casings, but not the gunmen.

A teenager outside Glenmoor Elementary School told an 11-year-old Sunday to hand over his scooter or eat a knuckle sandwich. The teen ended up eating humble pie when the 11-year-old made it back home, scooter in hand.

From the wire:
Planning Commission report on Fremont’s climate action plan.
Fremont to get more sewage capacity

Matt Artz

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  1. The supercommittee negotiations have failed. Why? Because Republicans simply REFUSED to make billionaires and big corporations lift even one finger to help reduce the debt. In fact, they’re demanding TAX CUTS for their biggest benefactors, the top 1%.

    Instead, here’s who Republicans think should shoulder the burden: Seniors on Medicare. Middle class families who want to send their children to college. Every American receiving Social Security. The unemployed and all those who are suffering the most in this economy.

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