Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:

A customer at the Niles district 7-11 would have gotten away with using a fake $20 bill, if he hadn’t left his driver’s license at the store.

A cop stopped a car with a very drunk 22-year-old passenger inside. The officer told the driver to take his buddy home, but the buddy later called 911 and requested a word or two with the cop back at the scene. The cop granted his request, taking him to jail for being drunk in public.

From Ohlone College:
My story about Ohlone College Trustee Greg Bonaccorsi’s odd living arrangement ran today. A resident on Klamath Place in Fremont, which is a very small street, says she’s never seen Bonaccorsi there. But, he only moved in two months ago and might be spending most of his waking hours with his family in Newark. This neighbor said she also knows the owner of the house – Edward and Shirley Kwan, who she said are out of the country. Bonaccorsi is renting a room in the house from his colleague, Susan Manbeian, who is renting the home from the Kwans.

Matt Artz

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