No community service from Lonsdale

On Tuesday, Fremont Traffic Court Commissioner strayed from her policy of not granting community service, allowing one defendant to work off half of a $480 red light ticket.

But today, she went right back to denying community service to the defendants I witnessed. Both times a red light runner asked for community service, she said that she doesn’t commute those offences — even though she partially commuted the same offense one day earlier.

The much more lenient Commissioner John Porter once again was a no-show at the courthouse.

Matt Artz


  1. I stayed and observed a bit longer than Matt. Lonsdale goes 4 for 4 on denials of Community Service…She did allow a 3rd month for 2 defendants to come up with the money. The first one had 2 camera tickets and defendant said she does not work and on limited income. She was given the rare extra month since the fine was $960. The second one said she was pregnant and was given the 3rd month to pay the $680 for driving on a suspended license. I popped into Susan Lew (pro tem in 608) and heard just a handful of cases. I believe all except mandatory minimums were reduced to the $110 minimum and the one community service request was granted for 33 hours.

  2. So we’re now 2 for 3 of the observed Commissioners who seem to make regular use of some degree of leniency, as opposed to consistantly swinging for the fence. . . . perhaps, just maybe, it’s Lonsdale that is regularly operating on the extremes (?)

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