Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:
A sergeant was at the Brookvale neighborhood Lucky’s when he spotted a motorcycle that looked similar to one that had been used in connection with a recent crime. Turned out the bike was stolen. When the the bikers walked into the store, the sergeant ordered it evacuated, and cops arrested a male and female.

You’ve got to grab a lot of stuff to steal $500 worth of merchandise from Styles for Less in the Fremont Hub shopping center, but four women were up to the task on Tuesday. They also managed a clean getaway in a purple Toyota Camry.

Two men wearing masks and carrying guns robbed City Liquor on Thornton Tuesday night and Arrowhead Liquor on Lake Arrowhead.

From the wire:
Don’t forget that Friday evening in Niles is the first Christmas tree lighting of the season.
Tesla pitches new jobs.

Matt Artz


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  2. Perhaps the law should be changed so rather than the city ponying up insertion fees for public notices, they just post them on their website for free, avoiding papers altogether.

    Interesting though, this ancient practice has turned into somewhat of a government subsidy for newspapers.

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