Occupy Fremont

So far three people have signed up via Facebook to support the Occupy movement at 10 a.m. next Saturday, Dec. 3 at the corner of Fremont Boulevard and Walnut Avenue.

The Rev. Jeff Spencer and Co. will march from there to Fremont’s town square — the Valero gas station at Mowry Avenue  and Fremont Boulevard — before heading up to Paseo Padre Parkway for a rally.

Along the way, we will pause briefly at various bank branches to bear witness:
– to the scandalous salaries the bank CEOs and executives get (unlike the people who work in these branches),
– to the need for compassion in the midst of the foreclosure crisis, and
– to our desire for a more equitable economy in our country.
At the park by the Courthouse – a symbol of justice in our society – we will have a rally/vigil (starting at 11:00). At the rally, the Rev. Jeremy Nickel will speak about his experiences with Occupy Oakland, including being arrested there.
You are invited to bring respectful signs that represent the aspects of the Occupy Movement that resonate most deeply in you.

Matt Artz


  1. Yes, Marty this is a small gesture, but a important one. It is called Democracy.
    Are you frustrated, mad as hell, are not going to take it anymore, Well.
    Every day folks are frustrated with the economy, financial institutions (who we bailed out and to give there thanks , they are trying to screw us by raising bank fee’s)and mostly ineffective politicians that are more concerned with protecting there dogma then helping the American people.
    This is a small but important gesture, it is happening all over America, please join us in this peaceful demonstration.

  2. I agree with the message but, not the method of use
    I rather Occupy the politicians since they are the ones who are creating the policy’s for this country.

  3. That’s an interesting clip. Funny that some air traffic controllers took that statement to imply collective bargaining only works in one direction 🙂

  4. CEO’s and other big shots have been making millions in salary since long time. Why this movement now?…yes, the economy is being affected but, how come no one raised a voice back than when economy was good?…

  5. Group,
    We The People
    How can anyone disagree with the act of Democracy. Remember “We The People” If we do not stand together to protect the middle-class and working people, who will, not the politicians. It is time that we took responsibility for our Democracy.

    That is what OCCUPY is about, occupying our Democracy, not the big banks, financial institutions, or Corporations that has taken over our Democracy.
    I support and will march with the 99%.

  6. I suggest that instead people spend the morning of Dec 3 researching credit unions. The operating capital of Citi and Bofa is so low that if as little as 10% of their customers actually went through with a bank run, they’d probably dissolve.

    Then they will fear you.

  7. Marty, you mean the Banks that are to big to fail. Have you noticed that B of A has just been downgraded along with the other “To Big To Fail Banks”.
    Perhaps there is a message there…
    “We The People are to Big to Fail”
    I belong to a Local Community Bank and a Credit Union

  8. Yes, Bill. So instead of standing on the corner like a fool screaming at parents driving their kids to soccer practice, why don’t you have a conversation about marketing a campaign to bring down a national bank or two?

  9. After Dec 3rd (a Saturday) continue at 7:30 each weekday outside the courthouse on Paseo Padre at Walnut. There will be upwards of 100 people lined up, many of whom will be glad to protest. I suggest bringing some “Ban the Cam” signs. The number of people will expand to over 500 by 9:30. Then march.

  10. OCCUPY THIS YOU IDIOTS. WISHY WASHY A HOLES. you people just want to protest everything.

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