Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:

A couple returned home to Horat Terrace after a shopping excursion. As the husband unloaded the truck, a tall man knocked over his wife as she headed for the front door. The man then punched the husband and persuaded the wife to hand over her gold necklace.

Someone at the Glen Haven Apartments on Central decided to use car as target practice. The car’s owner found that a bulleted entered the car near the license plate and became lodged in the backseat.

A child welfare check at the Durham Greens Apartments turned up two young children and a lot of drugs. The adults in the room resisted the cops, but were ultimately arrested for child endangerment.

Two officers happened upon a burglary Thursday on the 3200 block of Isherwood Way. The ominously named Sergeant Severance stopped the getaway car with three of the four crooks inside. Cops later found the fourth thief nearby. 

From the wire:
I met Grandmaster Al Novak at a Union City martial arts event. Man had a death grip of a handshake.
Path cleared for Sunflower grocery store to open at former Barnes & Noble site at Mowry and Fremont.
Profile on former Solyndra CEO Chris Gronet.
Fremont skater is future Olympic hopeful.

Matt Artz

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