Lonsdale a little more lenient

I’m still obsessing over traffic court, hoping to soon have a follow to this story.

The lenient Commissioner John Porter’s name is now on the big board at the Fremont Hall of Justice, but he was once again a no-show on Monday.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Nancy Lonsdale was a little more forgiving than usual during the beginning of her arraignment session. She allowed one defendant a full three months to pay his fine; usually she makes defendants pay within two months.

And, when a Spanish-speaking defendant pleaded poverty, Lonsdale, after first telling her she doesn’t offer community service for red light camera violations, allowed her to do 24 hours of community service and pay only $240 out of the $480 ticket.

Around the time I interviewed Lonsdale, she had started allowing some defendants to work off half their fines through community service, but over the past few weeks, she was rejecting all community service requests that I witnessed.


Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:

A homeowner on Dolerita Avenue found two women in her home taking stuff that didn’t belong to them. They fled in car parked outside, but didn’t make a fast getaway. The homeowner was able to take down the license plate and cops found the car and the women in a shopping center parking lot.

People inside a car fired shots in and around the Glen Haven Apartments on Central Avenue shortly after midnight on Saturday. No one was hurt. Cops found the casings, but not the gunmen.

A teenager outside Glenmoor Elementary School told an 11-year-old Sunday to hand over his scooter or eat a knuckle sandwich. The teen ended up eating humble pie when the 11-year-old made it back home, scooter in hand.

From the wire:
Planning Commission report on Fremont’s climate action plan.
Fremont to get more sewage capacity


Bonaccorsi is no Nardolillo

There are basically two ways for an elected official to get prosecuted for living away from the city he’s supposed to represent:

1) Leave a very long trail of legal documents that you live elsewhere; or

2) Get bad legal advice and do something foolish like apply for a homeowner’s tax exemption on your out-of-district property and register your car there.

Nick Nardolillo committed both sins and that’s why he’s no longer on the Ohlone College Board of Trustees.

Greg Bonaccorsi committed neither sin, so he’ll be sticking around.

Over the past month, I heard from several people that Bonaccorsi, who represents Fremont on the board, had moved to Newark.

As my story in Saturday’s paper details, Bonaccorsi’s wife now lives in Newark. His daughter now lives in Newark. Continue Reading


New burger joint slated for Pacific Commons

Fremont Foodie, who I’m sure didn’t spend this rainy Sunday watching the Oakland Raiders injure one of my most important fantasy football players, has the scoop on the latest tenant to sign up for The Block at Pacific Commons.

The Counter touts itself as an anti-establishment burger joint, so we’ll see how this Fremont expansion ends up working for them. They seem to have managed just fine in other hotbeds of conformity including Pasadena, Walnut Creek, and West Hartford, CT.

When it opens in 2013, The Counter will join Target and a 16-screen movie theater at latest wing of Pacific Commons.


Nothing new in traffic court

Today was to be the day that the lenient traffic Commissioner John Porter and the not so lenient Nancy Lonsdale became next-door neighbors at the Fremont Hall of Justice. Well, hold the fruit basket till Monday. Workers were still moving Porter’s stuff into Dept. 602 Friday morning, so he won’t start in Fremont until next week.

That left Lonsdale, who rejected the first request for community service this morning. When I left at 11 a.m., no other defendant had bothered to ask for it.


Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:

With a resident on Stevenson Boulevard away on vacation, burglars had all the time in the world to snag his 55″ flat screen television and a laptop computer.

The traffic light pole was sheered and toppled at the corner of Blacow and Central by a drunk 24-year-old woman and her automobile.

From the wire:
The Fremont Foodie blog has the latest restaurant news including what will become of Mission Jarito and the demise of the Baskin Robins in Warm Springs.


Traffic Court

I’ve got a front page story today about two traffic commissioners with very different judicial philosophies, who’ll be dispensing justice here in Fremont starting Friday.

The story, which you can read here, pretty much lays it all out.

But in addition to handing out significantly lower fines, Commissioner John Porter is also much more accommodating than Commissioner Nancy Lonsdale.

I was in Porter’s court yesterday. Porter asked a defendant if he needed 30, 60 or 90 days to pay his fine. The defendant said he could “hopefully” do it in 30 days. Porter said, “Let me give you 60.” Porter also always asks defendants to see if they might qualify for community service, which is available to students, and people working less than 20 hours a week.

In Lonsdale’s court, there’s been several times defendants have asked for 90 days to pay their fines, and Lonsdale usually gives them only two months. Plus, many of those defendants would qualified for community service in lieu of paying the fine, but Lonsdale almost never grants community service.


Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:

Police are searching for an 18-year-old male who roughed up his roommate, 56-year-old with Alzheimer’s. The kid crawled into the attic when police arrived on a tip from a former roommate and somehow managed to flee from officers inside the house. 

Burglars stole cash and jewelry after smashing a rear sliding door on Kathleen Street and another set of thieves grabbed cash, jewelry and a computer after entering through an open window on Granado Street.

From Ohlone:
The Ohlone Board of Trustees will appoint a replacement for Nick Nardolillo at their Dec. 14 meeting. If you actually do live in Fremont and can prove it, you’re eligible for the post. It helps if you also have ties to the local Democratic Party. Visit www.ohlone.edu for more details.