Gus Morrison is biggest name in big field for Ohlone College appointment

Either the Ohlone College board is more prestigious that I realized or word is getting out about the free health care for trustees.

Fourteen people are vying to serve out the remaining year of Nick Nardolillo’s term.

They are as follows:
Steve Allen — Not a comedian
Nader Ayad — Jeweler
Ramona Bascom — nun
Robert Brunton — not a nun. Former trustee.
Ann Crosbie — active parent former candidate for school board
Robert Douglas — Retired Cargill Salt exec, head of the Ohlone Foundation
Donald Jedlovec — Photographer
Daniel Kennerk — workforce, union guy
Naeem Malik — Chamber member
Gus Morrison — Former mayor, councilmember
Stanley (Gene) Page — Another business guy
David Sheen — Lawyer former candidate for Ohlone Trustee
John Werner — Recently retired Fremont teacher
Jeevan Zutshi –real estate gent who says he’s bowing out to make way for Morrison.

Matt Artz


  1. There are a few excellent choices here, but my vote is for Gus Morrison.
    He has proven time after time, that He has represented the residents best interest.

  2. Gus Morrison is the past. It’s time for some fresh blood at Ohlone.

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