Bacon is running again for City Council next year

It’s hard to imagine a Fremont council election without Sierra Club member Vinnie Bacon and his dog. Bacon told me last night — and he’s been telling friends and associates this for months — that he will again seek to prove that a green progressive with deep pockets, but no ties to the Democratic Party can win office in Fremont.

With Dominic Dutra not running for re-election, there will be an open council seat and probably quite a few Planning Commission types in the mix.

Matt Artz


  1. Charlie – I, and I assume others, have stopped clicking on your youtube links–it got old after the first couple since they’re no more relevant than your posts. I know they’re easier for you than thinking or trying to say anything meaningful. On the plus side your new system has reduced your drivel on the TCB which is greatly appreciated by all.

  2. Charlie C, You help set the standard on the blog, we needed a low, ignorant data point.

  3. #6 That explains a lot doesn’t it? Maybe…Not.
    O.k. (Okay?) I admit, I don’t know what or if it explains

  4. #8…Box is a gasbag…an an idle or garrulous talker and and a even bigger dumass than the CalGuy . We all know Vinnies wife wears the pants and Vinnie wears the kilt. If Bacon gets elected Fremont is doomed!

  5. When will you people learn Charlie C is a master baiter and has his lips around his bong 99% of the time the other 1% of the time he is blowing smoke out his ass.

  6. 12#…Easy CalGuy, what do you have against this *Charkie* fellow! Who the hell is Charkie anyway? Aren’t you Bacon supporters supposed to be mellow man? I think the Sierra Club is about to ban you and your boy Vinnie for life because you suck!

  7. Charlie C,
    I stand corrected. You are a disgusting, Stinking pile of SHIT

  8. Hey CalGuy…I’d like to see things from your point of view but I can’t seem to get my head that far up my ass.

  9. Doomed to WHAT Charlie? What’s left for Fremont to be doomed to? An Indian Casino on Mission Peak? Even more red light cameras? Even lousier local reporting. A stupid baseball stadium full of chickenshit white people? HAHA! HA! Ha!
    No wait, I know .. A gigantic 500x 1200 foot American Flag massively patriotically fluttering Christianity a thousand feet up in the sky atop a big tall thick pole that will be put where ever Anu says she thinks “downtown” is this week (since she is an expert in the field, having studied at the university level on the subject).
    That’s certainly something that Fremont still has yet to be doomed to wouldn’t ya say?

    Or a dragstrip.


    They don’t make em like Don Renfrow anymore.
    Do they Charlie?

  10. Another great clip Charlie. We throughly enjoyed it over here.

    We have two questions though.

    WhoWhatWhere is the pooch?
    Wasn’t Nixon’s feelings concerning the doomed a frank statement of your’s too?

  11. Once again, Charlie C,

    I think you are a disgusting, Stinking pile of SHIT

  12. #20… CalGuly,
    I don’t know what makes you so stupid, but it really works!

  13. Been away awhile.
    I am glad to see that the caliber of intellectual debate continues to flourish….

  14. #24…YES…let’s rid Fremont of all the bad fungi! I hope you’re not saying Vinnie (enemy of small business) Bacon is the cure?

  15. Charlie-

    you’d love Vinnie if you really got to know him

  16. DanO-
    “All that’s necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing.”
    Sorry…Vinnie is arrogance turned up to 11. Vinnie cares more getting elected than he cares about Fremonts best interest. If elected Vinnie will continue to make bad decisions. Just say *NO* to Bacon!

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