Chan opts out of Kimber Park battle

This is tucked away in the council report, but I thought it was unusual enough to merit its own post. The council had the unenviable task last night of taking sides in Fremont’s fiercest turf war. Being the smart cookies that they are, however, they staked out some middle ground and left themselves lots of options going forward.

But noticeably absent in last night’s 3-1 vote was Councilmember Sue Chan. She doesn’t live in Kimber Park. She does have a relationship with the land owner, Sheena Chang, but that’s not why she said that she recused herself. Heck, she has close relations with Centerville district landowners David Beretta and Jack Rodgers, but that didn’t stop her from participating when they had business before the council.

Chan said she decided to stay out of the Kimber Park battle because her husband’s dentistry has lots of clients in Kimber Park and gets lots of referrals from Kimber Park. That would seem a carte blanche to back out of future politically bruising neighborhood battles that comes before the council.



Matt Artz


  1. Charlie C or Micheal of Niles,
    You are realy good at showing how misinformed you are.
    I cannot really say anything bad about Charley, He is very good at being misinformed…
    Look uo smart development Charley, so you know what you are talking about, some may think you are ignorant!

  2. #51 bruce…some might think I may be. in your case it’s unanimous. may i suggest you, vinnie and the rest of your vocal minority get together and demonize a few developers for the holidays. the *chip* on bacons shoulder will find that confronting!

  3. #52

    I want to thank you Charlie/Michael:
    The storm woke me at three am. I re-read #s 52 and 48 and went right out again…

  4. #54…Instead of counting sheep try counting the thousands of jobs and billions of dollars your boy Vinnie B has cased out of Fremont. Send my regards to Bruce/West/CalGuy and don’t forget to demonize a developer if you want elected!

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