Brief update on NUMMI land

I was one of only a few people that showed up to the city’s final community meeting on its grand ambitions for 800 acres in and around the former NUMMI plant. You didn’t really miss anything other than free snickerdoodles  and ginger snaps.

Union Pacific is moving ahead with selling most of the land it purchased from NUMMI last year. It’ll probably keep about 15 acres near the future BART station for a relatively small rail yard. The vision being laid out is mostly offices, technology campuses and industrial sites. Housing would mostly be confined to land sandwiched between the future BART station and I-680 across from the Weibel neighborhood.

No council members showed up to the meeting. They’ll get the presentation in February.

Matt Artz

  • West

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  • West

    Occupy Fremont meets every Satursay @ Noon at The Veterans Park next to the Court House.
    Occupy Fremont is a NON VIOLENT Org.
    Our Mission Statement is as follows…

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    All are Welcome

  • Tony Irvington

    There’s a park by the courthouse? I’ll take your word for it.
    Saturday it is. rain or shine?
    Otherwise tape a note on the Irvington Monument that is at Fremont Blvd./Washington Blvd./Bay st.. Or in the coffee shop there or on the gates leading into the Irvington cemetery and I should find it.

    now, about the house where agent “Suplik” lives?


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    #4 Hey CalGuy…We all sprang from apes, but *you* didn’t spring far enough.
    Great to see Santa Clara Plays Fair is dead just like the FCN. Why does your boy Vinnie hate the small business person so? Please Mrs. Bacon, get this guy committed!