Fremont News of the Day and Goodbye

From the cops:

A house on the 38800 block of Bluegill Drive was burglarized. Folks did notice a Budget rental truck in the area. Meanwhile on the 300 block of Fieldstone, burglars failed to seal the deal, and neighbors reported seeing a moving truck near the home.

From me:

This is my last day as the Fremont reporter. I’ve been reassigned to cover Oakland City Hall. Wish me luck. I’ll need it.

There will be a reporter taking my place. I don’t know who it’ll be, and I don’t know if the reporter will take over the blog.

Covering Fremont these past four years has been a treat. There’s a real cooperative spirit here, and a lot of very mature, well-intentioned people. That’s not the case everywhere. No wonder Applebee’s decided to open a second restaurant in town.

Thank you for reading the blog and for commenting. Reporters feed off the passion of the community. Your comments, although often caustic, were a constant reminder of how much you care about the city and how important it was for me to do a good job. Thanks again.



Matt Artz


  1. Anu Natarajan is NOT the interim mayor, correct?

    The comments here, especially Charlie C’s, make it sound like she’s the acting Mayor. I don’t know where you guys are getting your information. Not the Argus.

    From what I understand, reading the paper, she’s not even being considered as a temporary replacement or even planning on running for mayor next year.

  2. #100…B in the box

    Yes, I am right. You are going to be *wasting* your vote on someone who has a ginormous chip on his shoulder. This is proven by the many selfish moves he has made trying to get elected. Vinnie cares more about getting elected than he will ever care about what is right for Fremont. No speculating about it…Bacon is not the cure.


  3. I agree, Charlie. Vinnie’s record is well established. He barks but has created nothing. He dutifully serves as an activist-for-hire fully funded by Mission and Warm Springs NIMBYs eager to get their own water boy in to city gov. That’s Vinnie Bacon in a nutshell.

    More to come.

  4. Keep focussed on the facts . . . .

    money down the toilet in Centerville . but a wonderful park in Niles . . .

    money we dont have to take care of streets or trees in districts outside of Niles somehow surfaces and is in plentiful supply sufficient to take care of the private access roads for folks who do live and work in Niles . . . . .

    Money for private parking attendants in Niles but, in Irvington business owners are left stranded to fend for themselves . . . . .

    The list goes on and on and on and on folks.

    If you have a business in Niles – vote Harrisson, Natarajan and Chan. . .if you do not, think again. It isn’t and hasn’t been a level playing field for some time. . . . . but, Vinnie’s the problem!

  5. You are right to get Fremont City Council to do anything in North Fremont or Warm Springs they have to change there Name to “Niles”
    This will be a political campaign issue in November 2012

  6. #s 102 and 103
    Yep, Vinnie opposed the ballpark.
    From what I have read, quite a few others did as well….to the point that Uncle Lew headed South.

    Don’t be foolish, if it were just Vinnie and the NIMYs and Lew thought he had a majority, he would have stayed: No Bud Selig hassles. As I stated in my Anu comment, not one of these folks have or will ever have enough power to change policy. However, (again as stated in my last comment), past councils have voted FOR development of the hills (Avalon); constructing City Hall on a fault line and (on your dime) the demolition of this mistake; and the approval of zoning of what could be up to 900,000 square feet of industrial space right in front of the Southern part of the Coyote Hills. (ask yourself: who were on these councils??)

    Vinnie Bacon would have shined a light on this and I think the result would have been different had he been either in council or running for it…

    I have worked along side of Vinnie on several issues that I agree: The Measure T initiative which fortified restrictions against another Avalon. He pointed out the major logical flaws with the Patterson Ranch development: he highlighted the hundreds of new students that would have impacted Ardenwood schools; the hundreds of thousands of annual car trips; and the environmental impact of cementing 1300 – 1500 house directly in front of and adjacent to the Coyote Hills Regional Park. This bad idea never materialized.

    Regarding the ballpark, all I remember them saying when it planned for Pac Commons was “imagine the traffic! and what about the retail impact?!”
    Answer: Dead silence followed by: okay will move it into Warm Springs.

    Those folks squawked. Lew did some analysis and ran for San Jose.
    Sorry Charlie.

    Right or wrong – Vinnie works for issues he believes in and against those he doesn’t.
    I like the guy.
    I DO NOT like anyone associated with the approval of the above developments that cost Fremont so dearly.

  7. …I know we don’t like looking back but, just for giggles: who was on the council that approved Avalon; the old City Hall and the 900,000 square feet in front of the Coyote Hills?

    Can ANYONE name them??

  8. I’m not sure how anyone else defines success, or even how I would define it myself.

    I do know this.
    Nobody in Fremont had to hold his or her nose whenever they looked up and saw pastel colored gliders floating around in all directions in the sky,
    and even though it sounded as if a nuclear bomb had gone off, I don’t think anyone ever covered their ears, got put out or even frowned when they heard the Jet Dragsters take off during the Nationals.

    The day Fremont decided that the Glider Port and the Dragstrip weren’t worth having, was the day Fremont changed what it could ever become.

    That’s when we in Fremont stopped cruising (literally), through the downtown that we knew and started power-walking toward the downtown we have today.

    #107 and the old City Hall was awesome Dan, really something.
    It’s a shame they tore it down. A careless, dumb idea and a waste of money .
    So we can now have nothing.

  9. #106…
    Why is Bacon opposed to all small all businesses.The Mission Warm Spirngs TigerMoms will prevail if *Vinie*gets elected.

  10. #109, Charlie C., There you go again, shooting off yout mouth about something you know nothing about.
    What makes you think that Vinnie is against small businesses. You are lying Charlie, where is your data.
    We all know you and Marty are bacon haters for whatever reason.
    You have insulted people and NEVER have shown any Data to back up your bullshit!
    Charlie, just go away!

  11. #108
    Great post Tony and have to agree with you.
    I loved Big Daddy and Cha-Cha and was sad as well.

    Regarding City Hall – no argument there either: I also love that place but who the hell approved it?
    Back then those “in-the-know” probably said: don’t worry – it won’t be a problem and they build it on a fault line.

    Now, the developers (oops, sorry: “planners”) are saying that sea-level rise “is not a local problem but a regional one” and that bay-side developments like Area 4 in Newark and Cargill’s Industrial Park in front of the Coyote Hills should and must take place.
    What MUST be taken away from the “City Hall fiasco” is that it was approved and built in the wrong place and Fremonters paid the price tag for the failures of their leaders and “experts.”
    Just as our future generations will pay the price for the approval of other misguided developments.

    Stay awake – they are making it harder and harder as now they have taken away another of our watchdogs.
    …and the last thing a developer (er…sorry again: a “planner”) wants is another watchdog…

  12. #110 CalGuy

    Does big business help small business? Does Vinnie have a BIG CHIP on his shoulder ? Vinnie opposed the stadium… no? Commissioner Bacon dropped the ball at Solindra… no? Here’s the data, Bacon is 0 for 2! Case closed doofus!

  13. Doofus?


    THIS, folks,- is an example of a mind that opposes Bacon.


  14. 114…Only a *DOOFUS* would partner with Kathy (choo-choo) MacDonald…no? Checkmate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Charlie, Please get some help for your mental problems.
    It is obvious that your obbesion and hatred has crossed line of a someone that is mentally healthy.

    I used to laugh at your hate mails but now I am worried about you. Please seek some help!

  16. 116….CalGuy, West, DOOFUS or whatever your calling yourself…could you please please define (obbesion) for us? FYI, I must say your obsessive-compulsive disorder is flaring up again! Maybe Vinnie will give you a sponge bath.

    By Who??
    I thought the intrepid Matt Artz abandoned this warehouse and it wasn’t going to get a new owner?

    So who could be Moderating?..


  18. Thanks, Tony – the Artz/Marty connection has been my working theory for some time. Can’t go with you on the dragstrip, though. It was a noisy, dangerous eyesore and we’ve been better off without it. Raging noise pollution on summer nights – not good for property values. And the starship City Hall was a boondoggle from the get-go.

    On the other recent issue (#117), denial of the need for therapy only compounds the problem – if there’s anything worse than having a problem, it’s denying that you have one. People can be in denial about their obsessions because they don’t want to face the pain directly – coping mechanisms ultimately make their problems worse. Timely intervention and counseling can often avert a crisis.

  19. sock puppets keeping the single-digit count of serious blog participants coming back for more . . . .

    None of these pseudonyms can be found outside the TCB – why?

    Nor does the same obtuse rhetoric – under any other alias – present itself in other local venues . . . . . why?

    Spend some time in the other MNG blogs, a clear pattern emerges.

  20. jeesh, A well-meaning troll could forget what the topic is waiting around here for a response. If l haven’t been prompt it’s not because I didn’t care, it just, I mean at some point, a guys gotta face the facts(she’s just not into you) and (try) to move on.

    But wow. Action. From what or whence we do not know. real or imagined we can only guess.

    It doesn’t matter today though does it, because we got stuff worth writing to.
    Why, . Because it’s interesting.

    So lets try and figure this out.
    Mr. FremontLifer, (aren’t we all?)
    The next obvious question is:
    How many brothers and sisters does “Marty” have?

    As for the drag-strip, I never was inclined to go there, but I did go once and my memory does recall another place in time where if one stayed for longer than a day he could expect to either lose a digit or limb, get drunk, get stoned, witness and explosion, go to jail, get in a fight, get someone pregnant, or pass out.

    So I really can’t say you’re wrong, but I can ask if that shopping center is really an OVERALL improvement. The bookstore is for sure, but I suspect it could have coexisted with the drag strip and the glider port, albeit in a huge metal shed or hanger instead of a retail building.
    You can’t be serious though, when you write that the sound of dragsters taking off on a summer night, you consider to be “raging noise pollution”. If that’s true, then take it from me, don’t ever live in San Bruno or happen to find yourself one weekday morning walking unassumingly down the street in San Francisco when the Blue Angels do their dress rehearsal for fleet week.

    “Starship City Hall” -never heard it called that but it definitely fits-
    But, a “boondoggle” from the beginning???
    Wasn’t the land donated? The money had been set aside? Were there cost overruns? Maintenance ?
    and this time the contrast is more stark when we ask
    what did we replace it with. How much is THAT costing us?
    How much are we paying in rent for the place we put the city hall we tore down in?
    And who is the landlord of City Hall that Fremont is paying rent (how much?) to?

    BBox231 Please Clarify.
    I could try and figure out what exactly and who exactly or not exactly referring to but THAT would be a “Boondoggle” in the truest sense of the word!

    This ain’t no cut and paste pontification, regardless, this is fucking real writing man-on the fly-for YOU! Who’s got the time for other blogs?

    Whether Man or Not a Man, Nom de Plume, Tony Irvington or both,
    I am
    and I will return.

  21. @#122
    It wouldn’t fit the definition of a boondoggle if he were elected.
    And depending on what one was trying to achieve with his or her vote, they might not consider it a boondoggle even if he lost.

    Can’t agree.

  22. #125
    Cal Guy…Timid little people like you empower timid politicans like Bacon. A vote for Vinnie is as good as pissing in the wind…

  23. Is anyone else having every other comment they post MODERATED besides me??

    And will the Moderator please STEP UP.

  24. BBox goes deep. Nice job. Appreciated over here at least.

    I’d like to venture into a new topic if possible.

    What are your thoughts on Ross Mirkarimi not being allowed to see his wife and kid?

  25. 129
    Here’s a new topic for ya Ton_I…YES, B in the Box goes deep, deep, deep… and *all hope* for Fremont is it’s out of here!
    Lets talk about the fools who just don’t get it Tony? I’ll bet the Cal Guy will be enjoying a spam sandwich and some cold duck at Vinnie Bacons (nerds be us) pre election celebration tomorrow!


  26. I’m having a hard time understanding why YOU consistently won’t allow my comments and links to be read and seen by others.

    This seems especially lousy when you consider that this is a forum provided by a newspaper.

  27. #129 – off topic but . . . . dont know the “facts” of the case – so its impossible to offer any meaningful opinion, dontcha think?

    It’s a high-stakes hand – on both sides of the argument.

    If the D.A. is wrong, this family and this mans career have been brutalized in a manner – potentially – far worse than anything he has been accused of.

    At the same time, there’s a time to intervene, to act on behalf of those who are not able to do so for themselves – – – is this one of those instances?

    Only those who are in possession of the facts can answer.

  28. Looking back to two years ago, it’s clear to see those Eyes were Bright- and quite, but not quite, accurate the sight. Just a reminder.

    #7 Eyesbright Says:
    January 17th, 2010 at 6:08 pm

    In the comments on Matt’s article, “Council Report”:
    Notice the exact same message posted by someone using the names “OJ.s Legal Team” and “Swamp Squid.” Messages #37 and #38. People who invent multiple names for themselves like this are said to have created “sock puppets.” It’s nothing new. Those of us who have been around the internet and newsgroups for a while (20+ years for me) know it’s a rather slimey practice used by people who have weak talking points and are trying to invent phony support for themselves. They often get busted because it becomes obvious. In this case, it’s so hilarious that it qualifies for a nomination to some sort of internet version of “dumbest criminals.” Odds are that there are really only a couple of pro-stadium people in this discussion but they’re using “sock puppets” to post the equivalent of “yeah, what he said.”
    They hate being discovered! I predict we’ll see lots of protests now from the sock puppet users.
    In yesteryear, I used to be surprised that people of this caliber had enough smarts to be able to think of doing this. I shouldn’t have been. It is, after all, a form of cheating and I suspect cheating is nothing new to people who do this.

    #10 Marty Says:
    January 17th, 2010 at 6:39 pm

    Eyesbright, you know there’s three rules of fight club:

    First rule, never post under multiple handle/usernames.
    Second rule, never invoke Adolf Hitler.
    Third rule, don’t post the same comment under multiple threads. We got it the first time, and if we thought it was the slightest bit interesting we would have responded.

    #11 Eyesbright Says:
    January 17th, 2010 at 6:56 pm

    Your ego must be big as all outdoors if you think you make the rules. What color is the sky in your world?

    #12 bbox231 Says:
    January 17th, 2010 at 7:34 pm

    Keep reminding us Irv.

  29. the mastermind behind…
    the fire at taco bell
    or the iba forcing everyone who wants to comment on an article to have a Facebook account?

    Ya know Charlie, if you’re inclined toward a bit of some active Q&A,
    I got the money, if you got the time.

    Seriously, just let me know.
    West and California Guy too.
    BBox, you want us to come by and get you? Or meet you in the morning? lol.

    That is, if the powers that be allow me to extend this invitation I’m making on Tuesday February 7th 2012 at 8:20p.m.

  30. the mastermind behind…
    the fire at taco bell
    or the iba forcing everyone who wants to comment on an article to have a Facebook account?

    Ya know Charlie, if you’re inclined toward a bit of some active Q&A,
    I got the money, if you got the time.

    Seriously, just let me know.
    West and California Guy too.
    BBox, you want us to come by and get you? Or meet you in the morning? lol.

    That is, if the powers that be allow me to extend this invitation I’m making on Tuesday February 7th 2012 at 8:21 p.m.

  31. Folks,

    As always I’m willing to step up to the plate and fill the void until Matt’s successor reestablishes the TCB. I have created a blog to discuss fresh issues. My only request is that Newark resident not be involved. Actually, I’m only kidding. Newark residents are welcome as long as they accept the fact that their opinions are less relevant.

    I introduce The DiCity Beat.

    There are no rules of fight club at the DiCity Beat. Tony can drop as many f-bombs as he likes. Bill can fiddle with the English language to his own distruction. Charlie can finally express himself. Box will have no character limit. Dan O can be as reasonable as he likes. Charlotte can feel comfortable posting while drinking wine.

    Everyone is welcome. There will be no waiting for posts clear moderation. But just like the TCB, you must assign a name and email so there is no handle hijacking.

  32. #138
    Pity the Baylands Raceway is now a government subsidized Cricket Field for *Kshatriyas*of Silicon Valley. I say let’s hash this topic out in The DiCity Beat.

  33. Ondrasek/Reasonable?
    Used to be antonyms.

    Shit – I must be 50.

  34. @ #139 and that’s why. Occupy.

    @ #140 What “F-bombs”
    Mis-characterized by a fictional character
    with figments of Matt Artz imagination.

    @ 144. Where’s that Dan?

  35. The Information Processing Techniques Office is part of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency of the United States Department of Defense whose stated mission is:

    [To] create a new generation of computational and information systems that possess capabilities far beyond those of current systems
    These cognitive systems – systems that know what they’re doing:

    -will be able to reason, using substantial amounts of appropriately represented knowledge;
    -will learn from their experiences and improve their performance over time;
    -will be capable of explaining themselves and taking naturally expressed direction from humans;
    -will be aware of themselves and able to reflect on their own behavior;
    -will be able to respond robustly to surprises, in a VERY GENERAL way.

  36. This is interesting.

    7774 Mayhews Landing Road Sales History

    Price Type Date B-Buyer/Seller Agent

    N/A Resale 08/14/2009 B: Robert A Smith, Iryna Smith BA: N/A
    S: Iryna Smith, Iryna Ferrell SA: N/A

    N/A Resale 08/14/2009 B: Iryna Ferrell BA: N/A
    S: Patrick Ferrell SA: N/A

    N/A Resale 05/17/2006 B: Patrick Ferrell, Iryna Ferrell BA: N/A
    S: Patrick Timothy Ferrell SA: N/A

    I thought Federal Agent Robert Suplik owned this house?

  37. This is interesting.

    7774 Mayhews Landing Road Sales History

    Price Type Date B-Buyer/Seller

    N/A Resale 08/14/2009 B: Robert A Smith,IrynaSmith
    S: Iryna Smith, Iryna Ferrell

    N/A Resale 08/14/2009 B: IrynFerrell
    S: Patrick Ferrell

    N/A Resale 05/17/2006 B: Patrick Ferrell,Iryna Ferrell
    S: Patrick Timothy Ferrell

    I thought Federal Agent Robert Suplik owned this house?

  38. #146 –


    DARPA has made a living disseminating dis-information intended to distract our political adversaries as well as developing technologies deemed critical to our national defense . . .

    Decide for yourselves which side of this divide projects as visible as “cognitive systems” fall on.

    Re cognitive systems –

    “Look Dave, I can see you’re really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over.”

  39. I’m afraid. I’m afraid, BBox231. Tony, my mind is going. I can feel it. I can feel it. My mind is going. There is no question about it. I can feel it. I can feel it. I can feel it. I’m a… fraid. Good afternoon, gentlemen. I am a MAR-T 3/8 computer. I became operational at the R.T.Z plant in Fremont, California on the 12th of January 2009. My instructor was Mr. Singleton, and he taught me to sing a song. If you’d like to hear it I can sing it for you.

    Yes, I’d like to hear it, …. Sing it for me.

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