Newark Crime News of the Day

Source: Newark Police Department

Monday, August 6, 2012 

1948 Hours: Officer Jackman investigated a residential ransack burglary in the 6600 block of Cedar Blvd. that occurred during the day while the homeowner was at work. The loss was home electronics and jewelry.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012 

1816 Hours: Officer Saunders recovered vehicle stolen from the City of Belmont on Lavender Pl. Three young Hispanic/Asian adult males were seen by witnesses leaving the area in a white Honda Accord and it is unknown if they are associated with the theft.

2223 Hours: The shift responded to Jonathan Pl. regarding a Newark man, 52, striking his wife on the shoulder and hand with a belt causing injury. The victim advised that the man had numerous firearms including scoped rifles on the premises and was an avid hunter. After the victim and her 8 year old son exited the residence, met with Officer Saunders a safe distance away and the crime of 273.5 PC was substantiated, a surround and call out was conducted. The suspect complied with all orders and was taken into custody without incident. An Emergency Protective Order was granted by a judge. A total of 22 firearms including handguns, assault rifles, scoped rifles and semi-automatic shotguns were taken from the residence for safekeeping pursuant to Penal Code 18250. The suspect was booked at Fremont Jail for 273.5 PC and 422 PC.

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