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Wednesday, August 8
Incidents 290 Reports 45

Officers and Chief Steckler attended the prayer vigil at Central Park organized by our Sikh Community. Hundreds of people were in attendance.

#008/009/010/014 Auto Burglaries
At 9:28 am, Officers responded to Pajaro Drive and Pajaro Court to investigate four (4) auto burglaries. One witnesss heard the window break in the early morning, but didn’t think to call the Police Department. Cash, loose change and electronics were taken.

#019/020 Residential Burglary Attempt
At 9:52 am, Officers responded to Norocco Circle on a residential burglary attempt. Sometime between 2:00 am – 8:30 am, an unknown person entered the backyard of the hourse, shattered part of the glass to a rear sliding patio door and tried to pry open the sliding door. During the search, Officers noticed a second house with a screen removed from a back window. Two reports taken for burglary attempt.

IH 12062595 Residential Burglary Attempt
At 7:08 pm, Officers responded to Kensington Drive. The victim said that her vehicle was burglarized and her garage door was open when she got home. Nothing was missing from inside the home.

#001 Residential Burglary Attempt
AT 11:34 pm, Officers responded to Archstone on Civic Center. The victim reported that someone tried to pry the door between 8:00 pm — 11:00 pm.

#029 Disturbance
At 4:50 pm, Officers were dispatched to a disturbance at an auto repair shop on Albrae. A customer had brought his car to the shop for repairs. After completing work on the car the suspect refused to pay and left.

#041 DUI Collision
A rear end collision occurred at Blacow and Royal Palm. The driver that caused the collision fled the scene and was pursued by the other driver. Responding officers located both drivers nearby. The driver that caused the collision was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

#003 Suspended Drivers License 
An officer stopped a 32 year old adult male for a vehicle code violation at Bonnie/Gertrude. His CDL (CA Drivers License) was suspended so he lied about his name to avoid his car being towed. He was arrested for providing false ID to a Police Officer and driving with a suspended license and his car was towed.

#002 Drunk in Public/Resisting Arrest/Battery on a Police Officer
Mojo’s (3714 Peralta Blvd.) called at 12:36 am to report two drunk females who were refusing to leave in the parking lot causing a disturbance. Both are arrested for drunk in public. While being placed in a patrol car, suspect #1 spat in the Officers face and was placed in a WRAP. Suspect #2 then started kicking out the patrol car windows and was also secured in a WRAP. Suspect #1 was transported to Santa Rita. Suspect #2 was transported to the Fremont Jail where she faked a breathing episode and had to be taken to WTH-ER. Once at ER, she became combative and was placed in restraints. She was able to free both arms and punched one of the Officers in the face. As she was then being placed in the patrol car, she was able to reach back and grab a handful of the Sgt.’s thigh. She also went to Santa Rita. Both were charged with drunk in public, resisting arrest, and battery on a police officer.

Chris DeBenedetti


  1. A quick hat tip to Chris for his play by play of the two Mojos castoffs.

  2. Thanks for the praise, Marty. But in the interest of full disclosure, much of the blotter narrative — though slightly tweaked and rewritten for web publish — is provided by Fremont PD.

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