Newark Crime News of the Day

Wednesday, August 8

Calls for Service: 82  — Number of Cases Assigned: 14 — Number of Arrests: 2

1930 Hrs. An officer responded to Washington Hospital and interviewed a man who had a laceration on his finger requiring six stitches. The injury was caused by his girlfriend of over 20 years, a 44-year-old Newark woman, after an argument escalated and she cut him with a knife. An officer responded to the 6000 block of Joaquin Murieta. The investigation revealed that the couple was extremely intoxicated, engaged in a verbal and physical altercation, durin which the woman armed herself with a knife. She was arrested and transported to Fremont PD Jail for 273.5 PC – domestic violence.

2145 Hrs. An officer documented a vehicle burglary at 5699 Mowry Ave. (BJ’s Restaurant). The victim vehicle suffered a rear passenger side window smash and the loss was a laptop as well as other miscellaneous items. This is a tragic reminder of why it is so important to secure valuable out of sight whenever you leave your vehicle unattended.

2252 Hrs. An officer arrested a 36-year-old Stockton man during a security check at Motel 6 for a no-bail 14601.1 (a) CVC / 22349 (a) CVC Warrant.

Anyone with information about these incidents can call police at 510-578-4237 or the “silent witness” hotline at 510-578-4000, ext. 500.

Chris DeBenedetti

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