Newark Crime News of the Day (Saturday thru Monday)

Source: Newark Police Department

Monday August 13 

4:08 p.m. — An officer a 35-year-old Newark man for 11364.1 H&S – possession of drug paraphernalia and booked him at Fremont Jail.

6:04 p.m. — During a traffic stop at the E-Z-8 Motel, an officer encountered a driver of a vehicle who had a difficult time remembering her name. He arrested the driver — a 28-year-old Union City woman — for 148.9(a) PC lying to a police officer and a Misdemeanor warrant. She was booked at Fremont PD Jail.

7:54 p.m. — With information developed from the traffic stop at the E-Z-8 motel, an officer determined that a 37-year-old Union City  man had an outstanding felony warrant for firearms-related charges and was on searchable probation, and was registered at Motel 6. The officer coordinated an arrest team and called the suspect at the motel room and then took him into custody without incident. A follow-up probation search of the room resulted in the recovery of a small quantity of Hashish. The suspect was later booked at Fremont PD Jail for his warrant and 11357(a) H&S possession of marijuana.

12:09 a.m. — A police officer observed automotive alternators and starters being thrown over the fence of the Pick-N-Pull auto dismantler business, at the west end of Mowry Avenue, into the public parking lot. With no suspect vehicles parked in the lot, an officer quietly backed his patrol vehicle out of the area and set-up surveillance on the front of the business. Within an hour, the suspect vehicle arrived at the business and loaded up approximately $6600.00 worth of used auto parts. As the vehicle drove away from the business, with the rear bumper almost dragging on the ground due to the excess weight of all the vehicle parts, officers stopped the vehicle. A 41-year-old Daly City  man was taken into custody without incident and booked at Fremont PD Jail for 487 PC – grand theft.

August 12, 2012

09:38 a.m. — An officer investigated two auto burglaries at the Courtyard Marriot Hotel on Newark Blvd.

2:03 p.m. — An officer conducted a pedestrian stop  in front of a residence on Saint Paul Dr. and arrested a 22-year-old Newark man for a felony possession of stolen property warrant. As the suspect was being arrested, his little brother, a 20-year-old Newark man, came out to see what was going on and also was arrested for a warrant for felony possession of stolen property. The brothers were booked into Fremont Jail.

10:05 p.m. —  A citizen flagged down an officer regarding a 55-year-old transient sleeping in the bushes next to a CVS Store. The transient was transported to a local hospital via ambulance for medical clearance and then later booked at Santa Rita Jail for public intoxication.

20:21 p.m. — In response to a report of juveniles drinking alcohol at Community Center Park, officers swept the park, found the juveniles were located and contacted their parents.

02:59 a.m. — An officer spotted a 44-year-old woman at the 7-11 store on Cedar Blvd and recognized her from a domestic violence investigation last week. She was taken into custody and booked at Fremont Jail for being in violation of a domestic violence restraining order.

August 11, 2012

08:54 a.m. Officers responded to a residence on the 5600 block of Moores Ave, to investigate a reported restraining order violation. The suspect, a 24-year-old Newark man, fled the scene prior to officers arriving. An officer found the suspect on Lavender Drive at Moores Avenue and arrested him for 166.4 PC a restraining order violation. He went to Fremont Jail.

10:22 a.m. An officer investigated a hate crime, which occurred in the area of the 36600 Bonnie St. Several swastikas were scratched on three separate vehicles. The officer developed information identifying the suspect as a 34-year-old Manteca man. At about 11:56 a.m., NPD received a 911 call from a resident on Bonnie St. stating that the suspect was in front of their house. Officers responded and the suspect for medical reasons. The officer obtained a statement from the suspect regarding the swastikas on the victim’s vehicles and obtained an Emergency Protective Order for the victim. A report will be forwarded to the Alamda County DA seeking charges against the suspect for the vandalism, hate crime, and stalking.

11:24 a.m. — An officer investigated a stolen vehicle report. The victim was selling his car and decided that it would be okay to allow the suspect to drive without checking for any identification or take other precautionary means. The suspect drove away from the scene in the victim’s car and never returned. An hour or so later, Hayward PD advised us that they had the car and the driver in custody after responding to a report of a vehicle collision at Southland Mall in their city.  An 18-year-old Newark man confessed to the theft and was booked at Fremont Jail for 10851VC- stealing an automobile.

2:17 p.m.: Officers responded to the 37100 block of Spruce St to investigate a reported domestic disturbance in progress. The caller advised that a 53-year-old Newark man was shirtless, screaming and appeared to be on drugs. Officers arrived but the man refused repeated orders to get on the ground and charged at officers, who fended off the man until additional officers arrived on scene. The suspect was detained and treated at the scene by ACFD. He was later booked at Santa Rita Jail for 148 PC- resisting arrest. Officer later learned the suspect had been banging on the doors of complete strangers while yelling and screaming. He also managed to hit an innocent person for no apparent reason prior to our arrival.

4:45 p.m. — Officers responded to a residence on the 37100 block of Saint Christopher St., for a reported male waving a gun and holding the family at gunpoint. The suspect, a 30-year-old man from Newark and Arkansas, was said to be inside the house and had the family locked in a bedroom. Nearby residences were evacuated. Alameda County fire arrived and the Fremont police Bearcat armored rescue vehicle was requested. As the Bearcat was being driven from Fremont, we received word from Fremont PD that they are receiving calls from the suspect’s wife that they were not at the residence, but they were still in an angry dispute. Union City police called and advised that they were now receiving calls from a frantic victim. Union City police located the suspect — who was arrested — and the victim, who said she was kidnapped and threatened at gun point by the suspect. Union City police said they received information that the suspect did have a gun; however it was not in the car. An officer determined the suspect had come from Arkansas to visit family in Newark, and searched the the family’s Newark home and found a loaded 9 mm handgun that police said the suspect used in this incident. The officer obtained an Emergency Protective Order, which was later served on the suspect at Santa Rita Jail, where he was booked at Santa Rita Jail for kidnapping and homicidal threats.

1:45 a.m. — Homeowners on Lafayette Avenue confronted a 25-year-old female transient who was rummaging in their garage. Police arrested and booked her at Santa Rita Jail for burglary. NOTE: While this situation ended positively, police strongly caution residents from confronting potential burglars. Be a great witness, notify and update the police on the actions of the suspect(s), and let the police confront the suspect(s).***

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