Elections 2012: School District Races

What do you think are the most pressing issues for Tri-City area schools? (I was going to say “besides the state budget issue” but that’s kind of like a doctor saying, “Your health is great … besides your heart.”) But really, what are the specific areas you’d like to see your school districts improve? And which candidates do you believe can deliver that, and why? As that debate unfolds — both inside and outside this blog — here is the list of Tri-City area school district candidates:

FREMONT UNIFIED:  Desrie Y. Campbell, Ann Crosbie, Reshma Karipineni, Lily Mei, Hiu Ng, Yang Shao — 6 candidates vying for 3 seats

NEWARK UNIFIED: Jan Crocker, Ray Rodriguez, Gary Stadler — 3 candidates vying for 3 seats

NEW HAVEN UNIFIED (UNION CITY): Jonas Dino, Nick Fresquez, Michelle Parnala Matthews, Michael Ritchie — 4 candidates vying for 3 seats


Chris DeBenedetti