Solyndra long gone, but still in the news

Solyndra, that controversial failure of a greentech company once based in Fremont, is long gone, but it somehow keeps making headlines.

The latest news is that Seagate, which has operations in Cupertino, has bought Solyndra’s old 412,00 square foot factory on Kato Road near I-880, on the southern end of Fremont. 

Also, check out a story by fellow Bay Area News Group reporter Dana Hull, who chronicles how some Oakland architects have created artwork in Berkeley by using glass tubes Solyndra left behind when it went out of business. Hull writes: 

But “SOL Grotto” has generated the most publicity as the source of a fresh wave of criticism by conservative commentators and House Republicans, who have long held up Solyndra, which was awarded a $535 million loan guarantee from the U.S. Department of Energy, as a prime example of wasteful spending by the Obama administration. Some of those critics are now blasting “SOL Grotto” as the world’s most expensive piece of taxpayer-funded artwork, even though a bankruptcy court determined that the glass tubes no longer had value.

When we’re arguing about art, it must be an election year.



Chris DeBenedetti


  1. Shouldnt this be a great opportunity for incumbants who seek re-re-election to pound their drum a bit by describing the specifics of their involvement with this deal? It’s a nice step that will deliver real economic benefit to our community over time. . . our leaders should be proud of their contribution.

    Wouldnt you imagine that constituency would be swayed by the influence and contribution council members brought to a success like this?

    Details like, who were the critical decision makers our council members were talking to and schmoozing with during this negotiation? How did they sssist in ensuring that the right connections were involved to make this happen? What unique incentives did they place on the table to ensure this decision was made in Fremonts favor? How did they personally contribute to this small step out of our current financial abyss?

    Or, maybe not – – maybe you just suggest your involvement by describing the benefit of the deal to our community – but you do so very, verrry broadly – like when someone *permits* you a sound-bite moment or you print up your next re-election flyer. You forgo the specifics of your personal contribution and simply infer through association.

    But why would you make such a choice? At least as interesting,is, why would you be permitted the opportunity to be less than specific when others have the chance to ask a question?

    Doesnt each member of that triad which is made up of electorate, candidate, and media coverage want to bring into the light of day, those details of the kind that matter when constituency step into a polling booth ?

  2. Unfortunately the Chinese lowered to prices of Solar Panels, below even there costs.
    This caused the solar panel Industry (Solyndra) to collapse.

    I think the point that BBox was making is the fact that local politicians try and take credit for anything good happening and disappearing when things go bad.

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