Roundup of Fremont mayoral and council candidates

Five candidates are running for Fremont mayor, and six candidates are vying for three open City Council seats. I did a roundup of each candidate last week. Those roundup stories don’t allow for a lot of in-depth coverage, but we will have more stories on the Fremont election in the coming days and weeks.

In the meantime, below is a list of the candidates. Which one(s) are you favoring and why?


Aziz Akbari

Steve Cho

Bill Harrison

Anu Natarajan

Linda Susoev



Vinnie Bacon

Sue Chan (Incumbent)

John J. Dutra

Rick Jones

Rakesh Sharma

Mark Wadley

Chris DeBenedetti


  1. #50…Everyone knows that Thermo Fisher Scientific underpays *everone* who is employed by them so why bring them up? Again, Fremont most certainty would have benefited from having the A’s relocate to Fremont. Jobs, tax revenue, and civic pride would have come here. BUT,,,you and Bacon and the Irvington lunatic fringe acted against Fremont best interest in opposing the best thing that could have ever happened to Fremont. Box, you and yours have forever doomed Fremont to a mediocre eternity without parole. Are you proud of that ?

  2. You really think Tesla and Fishy will give anyone from Fremont a job, much less a career? Really? lol. Bbox, I’m afraid your kind of CEOs long ago outsourced our jobs.
    We need business that will balance the almighty profit with community values. Something that is bit of an intangible that apparently you and Bacon can’t get your head around. It’s called vision and we need a leader in Fremont with those qualities.

  3. I can’t think of too many better examples of why it is so critically important that we get more of those who have historically not voted in Fremont, into the polling booths. Imagine that, Charlie wants to ask about something he calls “pride”.

    Witness the mentalities and reasoning of those who support your incumbants. Thus are the thoughts of those who like the way things are,and who fear those who are critical.

    But, choose wisely, because, once again, we have another ballot full of non-critical clones who will be glad to continue with the same excuses and toss money into black holes like Centerville, or at special interests like Iron Horse Lane, or, for their occassional personal benefit (taxpayer funded trips to India and China) while they are simultaneously telling those of you who DON’T vote that there’s no money left for things like sidewalk repair, tree maintenance, library hours, street maintenance . . . . etc., etc., etc.

    A very small minority of that ballot roster who you can rely upon to change the way we’ve been doing business.

  4. Isn’t “doing business” bringing good businesses into Fremont? Why then did you and your *vocal minority * gleefully swift-boat the A’s out of Fremont? Was that good for bussiness, our local economy, and our cities civic pride? Those who have not voted in Fremont need to know that if they choose to vote in this election not to vote for the ones who have opposed and will cotinue to oppose sensible development.

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