Fremont Crime News of the Day

Fremont Police Blotter, Thursday Aug. 30
#008, Officer conducted a security check of Motel 6 South and arrested an adult female for her outstanding warrant.

#021. Resisting arrest and possession of paraphernalia. Officer conducts a ped stop on an adult male at Hirsh Elementary. The male attempts to discard a glass pipe then resists arrest. Code 3 cover was requested and is able to pin suspect on the ground until help arrives. Officer is unscathed and the suspect sustains minor head abrasions.

#024 A purse snatch occurred at Lake Elizabeth by a suspect (BM with short dreds) who grabbed the victim’s purse and ran to a waiting car.

#040 Officers responded to a possible residential burglary in progress on Trout Court. The reporting party described two juveniles coming out of his neighbor’s home with a bunch of bags and the suspects are not known to the address. Officer arrived and began the search for the possible suspects and victim address. As the officers approached an address on Trout Court three large pit bulls forced open the gate and charged the officers. The sergeant and two officers retreated and the dogs aggressively pursued the officers. During the attack one officer fired two shots to protect himself and others in the area. Two of the dogs ran away from the home and the other ran back to the backyard. One of the two dogs was hit by the gun fire. No other persons were injured. The two dogs are still at large as of this writing.

Officer continued the investigation by tracking down the uncooperative reporting party. During a second interview the reporting party admitted to making a false 911 call and making up the entire incident. The reporting party, now suspect, was posting pictures of the scene and comments about the police on his Facebook . The suspect, a 19 yr old male, was arrested for making a false police report and 911 call.

Chris DeBenedetti