Fremont Crime News of the Day

Fremont Police Blotter, Thursday Aug. 30
#008, Officer conducted a security check of Motel 6 South and arrested an adult female for her outstanding warrant.

#021. Resisting arrest and possession of paraphernalia. Officer conducts a ped stop on an adult male at Hirsh Elementary. The male attempts to discard a glass pipe then resists arrest. Code 3 cover was requested and is able to pin suspect on the ground until help arrives. Officer is unscathed and the suspect sustains minor head abrasions.

#024 A purse snatch occurred at Lake Elizabeth by a suspect (BM with short dreds) who grabbed the victim’s purse and ran to a waiting car.

#040 Officers responded to a possible residential burglary in progress on Trout Court. The reporting party described two juveniles coming out of his neighbor’s home with a bunch of bags and the suspects are not known to the address. Officer arrived and began the search for the possible suspects and victim address. As the officers approached an address on Trout Court three large pit bulls forced open the gate and charged the officers. The sergeant and two officers retreated and the dogs aggressively pursued the officers. During the attack one officer fired two shots to protect himself and others in the area. Two of the dogs ran away from the home and the other ran back to the backyard. One of the two dogs was hit by the gun fire. No other persons were injured. The two dogs are still at large as of this writing.

Officer continued the investigation by tracking down the uncooperative reporting party. During a second interview the reporting party admitted to making a false 911 call and making up the entire incident. The reporting party, now suspect, was posting pictures of the scene and comments about the police on his Facebook . The suspect, a 19 yr old male, was arrested for making a false police report and 911 call.


Man stabs roommate with clothes iron during fight in Fremont

From the files of our new southern Alameda County crimer reporter, Natalie Neysa Alund, here’s a story about a unique stabbing over the weekend:

FREMONT — Police arrested a man over the weekend after they say he stabbed his roommate in the neck with a clothes iron. Salvador Ramos, 37, was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon following the Saturday morning attack at a home where the men live in the 100 block of G Street, said police spokeswoman Geneva Bosques.

Click here for more.


Roundup of Fremont mayoral and council candidates

Five candidates are running for Fremont mayor, and six candidates are vying for three open City Council seats. I did a roundup of each candidate last week. Those roundup stories don’t allow for a lot of in-depth coverage, but we will have more stories on the Fremont election in the coming days and weeks.

In the meantime, below is a list of the candidates. Which one(s) are you favoring and why?


Aziz Akbari

Steve Cho

Bill Harrison

Anu Natarajan

Linda Susoev



Vinnie Bacon

Sue Chan (Incumbent)

John J. Dutra

Rick Jones

Rakesh Sharma

Mark Wadley


Mission San Jose Past: a panel discussion and documentary

A panel of historians and community leaders are expected discuss the history of Old Mission San Jose in Fremont in an event scheduled from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Tuesday — right around the time that a film crew is slated to arrive to film part of a documentary about California’s missions.

The eight-person panel will discuss the following theme: “Mission San Jose: Past, Present and Future of the East Bay and the Bay Area.” The event will be held at Mission Church at 43266 Mission Blvd. Topics will include how the site for Mission San Jose (in Fremont) was chosen and the Bay Area’s changing demographics and modes of transportation, among others.

Meanwhile, a film crew is expected to film several horseback riders arriving at the Mission to recreate how people traveled from each Mission in the early days of California. The riders are traveling by horse from from Mission to Mission — starting in Sonoma and ending in San Diego — as part of the documentary.

The public is invited. Admission free. Following the discussion, a catered dinner will be held in St. Joseph Parish Hall next door to Mission Church. The dinner will cost $25 per person. To make a reservation, call Andrew Galvan at 510-882-0527. 

The eight-person panel will include: Dolores Ferenz, administrator of Old Mission San Jose; Andrew Galvan, president of the Committee to Restore Mission San Jose; Vincent Medina, Jr.  assistant curator at Mission Dolores, who is seeking to revive the Ohlone Language; Kent Lightfoot, professor at UC Berkeley’s Department of Anthropology; Breck Parkman Sr., state archeologist at California Parks and Recreation; Stuart Guedon, archeologist and historical geographer at Basin Research Associates; Thomas Blalock, member of  BART’s board of directors; and Jack Boatwright, Northern California Regional Co-Coordinator at USGS. 




Solyndra long gone, but still in the news

Solyndra, that controversial failure of a greentech company once based in Fremont, is long gone, but it somehow keeps making headlines.

The latest news is that Seagate, which has operations in Cupertino, has bought Solyndra’s old 412,00 square foot factory on Kato Road near I-880, on the southern end of Fremont. 

Also, check out a story by fellow Bay Area News Group reporter Dana Hull, who chronicles how some Oakland architects have created artwork in Berkeley by using glass tubes Solyndra left behind when it went out of business. Hull writes: 

But “SOL Grotto” has generated the most publicity as the source of a fresh wave of criticism by conservative commentators and House Republicans, who have long held up Solyndra, which was awarded a $535 million loan guarantee from the U.S. Department of Energy, as a prime example of wasteful spending by the Obama administration. Some of those critics are now blasting “SOL Grotto” as the world’s most expensive piece of taxpayer-funded artwork, even though a bankruptcy court determined that the glass tubes no longer had value.

When we’re arguing about art, it must be an election year.




Some Ground Rules

I really appreciate all of the people posting on this blog. However, I have already received some complaints over the phone about some lines being crossed in the comments section, especially the name-calling. Hence, two comments today were edited for content. I probably invited some of it with the somewhat blue headline, so I’ll try to watch myself in the future. The supposed fun of having a blog is to allow ourselves more humor and “edge” than most newspaper stories usually allow. But until I see basic respect ruling the day among the commenters, I’m going to moderate more strictly than I have before. Just a warning. Hopefully, we can continue the dialogue and even have some fun while doing it. Thanks for listening.


Elections 2012: School District Races

What do you think are the most pressing issues for Tri-City area schools? (I was going to say “besides the state budget issue” but that’s kind of like a doctor saying, “Your health is great … besides your heart.”) But really, what are the specific areas you’d like to see your school districts improve? And which candidates do you believe can deliver that, and why? As that debate unfolds — both inside and outside this blog — here is the list of Tri-City area school district candidates:

FREMONT UNIFIED:  Desrie Y. Campbell, Ann Crosbie, Reshma Karipineni, Lily Mei, Hiu Ng, Yang Shao — 6 candidates vying for 3 seats

NEWARK UNIFIED: Jan Crocker, Ray Rodriguez, Gary Stadler — 3 candidates vying for 3 seats

NEW HAVEN UNIFIED (UNION CITY): Jonas Dino, Nick Fresquez, Michelle Parnala Matthews, Michael Ritchie — 4 candidates vying for 3 seats



NFL football, the ‘Pussy Riot’ prison sentence & other travesties

Okay, you got me. I shamelessly threw the name of that anti-Putin all-female Russian punk band into the headline just to get your attention. The trio of Russian twentysomethings got a raw deal today from the Russian courts, drawing a two-year jail sentence for an anti-Putin protest in a Moscow cathedral. But if it’s any consolation, they surely will be enriched upon release by selling their story rights for the Hollywood movie that surely is already being cast.

Speaking of travesties, my beloved Oakland Raiders (sorry, we can’t all be fans of the Super Bowl Champion New York Football Giants) take the field tonight in the mother of all frauds — preseason NFL football. The players play half a quarter at half-speed but the fans pay full price for the game tickets.

Wake me on Sept. 10, when the Silver-and-Black kick off the season against San Diego. Until then, please be kind to me, Raider-Haters, especially if you have an in with the Football Gods.


Union City adds new ‘sibling’ to its list of sister cities — Festival at 5pm Sunday

The eighth annual Union City Sister City Festival is scheduled for Sunday evening. See the particulars below.  Find our advance story on the festival by clicking here. The festival will add another city — Asadabad, Afghanistan — to Union City’s stable of sister cities.

WHAT: Union City Sister City Festival
WHEN: 5 to 9 p.m. Sunday
WHERE: Union City Sports Center, 31224 Union City Blvd.
INFO: 510-918-7555 or www.unioncity.org