Fremont Crime News of the Week (Aug. 10-14)

Source: Fremont Police Department

Aug. 14

Report #017:  A witness reported seeing a male point a handgun at another male who was riding by on a bicycle and called police. An officer found the suspect — a 17-year-old male in possession of an air soft gun — and detained him without incident. The victim was never located, and probably wasn’t even aware of what had happened. 

#019: An officer arrested a 47 year old male for public intoxication.

#020: Officers were dispatched to a hit-and-run accident. The suspect was kind enough to leave his license plate behind. An officer found the vehicle, and eventually arrested a 38 year old male for Hit and Run.

#023: Residential burglary during the day at 5550 Roundtree Com. 

#040: Major Accident: Officers were dispatched to Washington Township Hospital for a collision between a vehicle and a pedestrian.

#053: An officer discovered an unoccupied stolen F250 truck at Motel 6 North taken out of San Jose.

#052: Citizen reported female on bike falling over near Thornton / Blacow. Ofc Allsup arrested a 39 yr old female for public intoxication.

#055: San Francisco police said they just had a parent/ custody exchange in their city where a Fremont resident brandished a firearm at the other party.  Officers, including a police dog, conducted surveillance in the area of Robin/ Porter. Within an hour, the 44 year old male suspect pulled into the driveway and was taken into custody without incident. San Francisco police took the suspect into their custody.

#004: Girlfriend on Baine reported her estranged boyfriend was outside trying to get in. The 43 year old boyfriend was arrested for no-bail warrant and possession of meth.

#006: Washington Township Hospital called about an intoxicated client. The 72 year old male was direct booked into Santa Rita for public intoxication.

Aug. 13

#020: Warrant Arrest 
An arrested a 30 year old adult male for an outstanding misdemeanor warrant.

#018 Arson
Fremont Fire asked for assistance at Fischer Park on Deep Creek to investigate a small arson fire. Someone melted the plastic play structure. 

#029 In-Progress Burglary Arrest
At noon, a witness called to report seeing a male jumping over a neighbor’s fence on Everglades Park Drive. The male returned and jumped into a vehicle driven by another male, and the car drove off. Officers spotted the car and detained the suspects. Officer Gourley conducted the investigation and located stolen property inside the car, including  jewelry, etc. A 22 year old adult male and a 23 year old adult male are arrested.

#042 Residential Burglary
Officers were dispatched to a residential burglary at 4:37 pm, that occurred on the 39000 block of Argonaut Way sometime between 10:30 am – 4:10 pm . Suspect(s) had entered the home via an unlocked sliding glass door in the back of the residence. Several items were removed, but later located wrapped in a blanket in the backyard. 

#044 Residential Burglary Attempt
Officers were dispatched to a residential burglary attempt that occurred on August 7, 2012 between 7:00 am – 5:00 pm on the 4800 block of Richland Terrace.

#046 5150 Hold
Officers responded to the area of Hansen and Blacow to a report of a person intentionally driving their car into the sound wall over and over again. Officers arrived and were able to gain cooperation from the female driver. The driver was placed on a psychiatric hold.

#048 Residential Burglary
Officers responded to a residential burglary that occurred on Winston Ct.

#049 Warrant Arrest
An officer responded to a family disturbance on Tanager Terrace and arrested a male for warrants.

#052 Armed (knife) Robbery Attempt
Officers were dispatched to an attempt armed robbery that had occurred at the Taco Bell located at the Hub Shopping Center. A male suspect approached a group and demanded all of their money. The victims refused and fled the scene and called the police. Officers checking the area found the suspect and took him into custody.

#053 Warrant Arrest
An officer conducted a traffic stop and arrested and adult male for felony warrants.

#060 Drunk in Public
An officer conducted a pedestrian stop at “00” Liquors and arrested a 52 year old adult male for drunk in public.

#002 Warrant/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia Arrest
An officer was dispatched to a welfare check on a male near the Mowry/880 Starbucks and arrested a 45 year old adult male for an outstanding warrant and for possession of drug paraphernalia.

#004 Drunk in Public
An officer was dispatched to a man down call near Cloverleaf Bowl and arrested 23 year old adult male for drunk in public.

#005 Drug Arrest
An officer conducted a bike stop on well-known former parolee near the Irvington 24 Hour Fitness. The adult male is arrested for drug paraphernalia and the officer seized a “Flip Camera” from him as suspected stolen property. The officer viewed several videos on the camera that appear to be furniture advertisements and determined that the camera was probably stolen from a local furniture store.

#007 Drug Arrest
An officer conducted a pedestrian stop on an adult female and arrested her for possession of drug paraphernalia. A follow up probation search at her residence led to further drug related charges.

Aug. 12

#011 Vehicle Code Violation
An officer conducted a traffic enforcement stop and cited/arrested an adult male for driving while unlicensed.

#031 Meth Pipe Possession Arrest
An officer arrests an adult male at Delaware/Brighton for possession of a meth pipe.

#025 Drunk in Public Arrest
Citizens called about a transient male swinging a belt with a buckle and damaging things in the area of Fremont/Washington. He was allegedly threatening a woman and her children at one point. An officer found the male crossing Fremont Blvd. and detained a 39 year old adult male transient out of Oakland. He was arrested for public drunkenness and a small warrant.

#002 DUI Arrest
An officer arrested a 53 year old uncooperative adult female for DUI in front of the Florence.

#005 Curfew Violation
An officerstopped a male juvenile for curfew violation and subsequently had to physically restrain the juvenile after the juvenile tried to fight him.

#008 & 009 Warrant Arrests
Motel 6 (south) – An officer arrests an adult female for her felony stolen vehicle/evading police warrant and an adult male is arrested for his felony burglary warrant along with an on-view charge for possessing dope. A child is taken into protective custody.

#001 Missing Adult/5150
CSO officer investigates a voluntary missing adult who fled his residence after having an argument with a family member. Several Officers checked the area as the male suffered from depression issues. Several hours later, the male returned home and locked himself in the bathroom. Officers arrive and convince the male to come out. He then makes suicidal statements to the officers and is transported for a 5150 evaluation.

#010 Suspicious Circumstances
To finish off the night, Washington Hospital calls to report a male brought in by his friends with injuries. Officers determine the male was involved in a solo vehicle crash hours before, most likely while under the influence of alcohol

Aug. 11

#009 Drug Paraphernalia Arrest
An officer led a search team to the 41000 block of Kathlean St and arrested a 51 year old adult male for drug related paraphernalia.

#012 No-Injury Collision
An officer handled a non-injury crash at PPP/Darwin where a 2001 Camry was cut off by a vehicle that had just been stolen out of Union City. Victim vehicle ran up on the sidewalk and hit the sound wall

#027 Meth Possession and Warrant Arrests
An officer and the Zone 1 team conducted a probation search on the 4000 block of Bay St. Six well known subjects were there. A 28 year old adult male went to jail for possession of meth, meth pipe, and two warrants. A 20 year old adult male went for his outstanding warrant.

#027 Petty Theft Arrest
An officer received into custody a 20 year old adult male from Raley’s Security after a fight. The suspect also had meth on his person.

#028 Strong Arm Robbery
Officers are called to Forrest Park Elementary on a report of a strong arm robbery. A suspect accosted a female walking with her husband and stole her necklace. Suspect ran to an awaiting car and fled. A witness followed the car and was able to provide good information to Officers. Case still under investigation.

Animal Cruelty
Officers respond to Zunic Drive in Warm Springs on a call of animal cruelty. A male at the house used a rifle to shoot and kill the family dog while home alone. A family member who was not present at the house, called us and advised the male was troubled. After making contact with the suspect inside, he was taken into custody.

#031 Warrant Arrest
An officerresponds to transients at 3rd St Park in Niles and arrested a 48 year old adult male and a 49 year old adult male for warrants.

#035 Shoplifting
An officer handles a shoplifting case at Kohl’s & arrests a 28 year old female for the same. She also forgot she was carrying meth. This was (1) of (3) separate shoplifting cases within an hour.

#002 Pepping Tom Case
A neighbor on Millard calls to report subject standing on top of his own vehicle to allow him to peep into the bathroom of a neighbor’s home, a 30 year old adult male gets arrested by officer.

Aug. 10

#017 Drug Arrest
An officer contacted a group of suspicious males at 4250 Central Avenue and found an adult male in possession of drug paraphernalia and also under the influence.

#033 Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance
An officerresponds to Motel 6 (north) and arrests an adult female for being under the influence of a controlled substance.

#044 Suicide Threat with a Firearm
Officers respond to a call where an intoxicated adult male is threatening suicide by firearm. Officers respond and the male exits without a gun. He admits and says he needs help. He is placed on a 5150 hold and 20 guns are seized.

#046 Drunk in Public
Officers respond to the 37000 block of Niles Blvd., where an intoxicated male with a fishing pole was walking down Niles Blvd. threatening to shoot people. Officers find him in front of the Florence. He charges officers and has second thoughts prior to getting close enough to have a physical confrontation. He is taken into custody for drunk in public and booked into Santa Rita due to not cooperating with Fremont Jail Staff.

#002 Stolen vehicle
An officer runs a plate for a vehicle that comes back stolen. The vehicle, a Nissan Ultima, immediately flees upon the officer’s U-turn & a short pursuit starts at Mission & Nursery. The vehicle is lost in the area of Canyon Heights & Orangewood. Officers locate the unoccupied vehicle on Nebo. A scent tracking indicates suspect fled north. Officers are unable to locate the driver. CSI’s are called to process the vehicle.

#005 Commercial Burglary
Officers responded to the 45000 block of Northport Loop East. Window smash and loss yet to be determined.

#006 Vandalism
Officers responded to Mission San Jose High School for a vandalism report. A plate glass window was smashed, discovered by security.


Newark Crime News of the Day (Saturday thru Monday)

Source: Newark Police Department

Monday August 13 

4:08 p.m. — An officer a 35-year-old Newark man for 11364.1 H&S – possession of drug paraphernalia and booked him at Fremont Jail.

6:04 p.m. — During a traffic stop at the E-Z-8 Motel, an officer encountered a driver of a vehicle who had a difficult time remembering her name. He arrested the driver — a 28-year-old Union City woman — for 148.9(a) PC lying to a police officer and a Misdemeanor warrant. She was booked at Fremont PD Jail.

7:54 p.m. — With information developed from the traffic stop at the E-Z-8 motel, an officer determined that a 37-year-old Union City  man had an outstanding felony warrant for firearms-related charges and was on searchable probation, and was registered at Motel 6. The officer coordinated an arrest team and called the suspect at the motel room and then took him into custody without incident. A follow-up probation search of the room resulted in the recovery of a small quantity of Hashish. The suspect was later booked at Fremont PD Jail for his warrant and 11357(a) H&S possession of marijuana.

12:09 a.m. — A police officer observed automotive alternators and starters being thrown over the fence of the Pick-N-Pull auto dismantler business, at the west end of Mowry Avenue, into the public parking lot. With no suspect vehicles parked in the lot, an officer quietly backed his patrol vehicle out of the area and set-up surveillance on the front of the business. Within an hour, the suspect vehicle arrived at the business and loaded up approximately $6600.00 worth of used auto parts. As the vehicle drove away from the business, with the rear bumper almost dragging on the ground due to the excess weight of all the vehicle parts, officers stopped the vehicle. A 41-year-old Daly City  man was taken into custody without incident and booked at Fremont PD Jail for 487 PC – grand theft.

August 12, 2012

09:38 a.m. — An officer investigated two auto burglaries at the Courtyard Marriot Hotel on Newark Blvd.

2:03 p.m. — An officer conducted a pedestrian stop  in front of a residence on Saint Paul Dr. and arrested a 22-year-old Newark man for a felony possession of stolen property warrant. As the suspect was being arrested, his little brother, a 20-year-old Newark man, came out to see what was going on and also was arrested for a warrant for felony possession of stolen property. The brothers were booked into Fremont Jail.

10:05 p.m. —  A citizen flagged down an officer regarding a 55-year-old transient sleeping in the bushes next to a CVS Store. The transient was transported to a local hospital via ambulance for medical clearance and then later booked at Santa Rita Jail for public intoxication.

20:21 p.m. — In response to a report of juveniles drinking alcohol at Community Center Park, officers swept the park, found the juveniles were located and contacted their parents.

02:59 a.m. — An officer spotted a 44-year-old woman at the 7-11 store on Cedar Blvd and recognized her from a domestic violence investigation last week. She was taken into custody and booked at Fremont Jail for being in violation of a domestic violence restraining order.

August 11, 2012

08:54 a.m. Officers responded to a residence on the 5600 block of Moores Ave, to investigate a reported restraining order violation. The suspect, a 24-year-old Newark man, fled the scene prior to officers arriving. An officer found the suspect on Lavender Drive at Moores Avenue and arrested him for 166.4 PC a restraining order violation. He went to Fremont Jail.

10:22 a.m. An officer investigated a hate crime, which occurred in the area of the 36600 Bonnie St. Several swastikas were scratched on three separate vehicles. The officer developed information identifying the suspect as a 34-year-old Manteca man. At about 11:56 a.m., NPD received a 911 call from a resident on Bonnie St. stating that the suspect was in front of their house. Officers responded and the suspect for medical reasons. The officer obtained a statement from the suspect regarding the swastikas on the victim’s vehicles and obtained an Emergency Protective Order for the victim. A report will be forwarded to the Alamda County DA seeking charges against the suspect for the vandalism, hate crime, and stalking.

11:24 a.m. — An officer investigated a stolen vehicle report. The victim was selling his car and decided that it would be okay to allow the suspect to drive without checking for any identification or take other precautionary means. The suspect drove away from the scene in the victim’s car and never returned. An hour or so later, Hayward PD advised us that they had the car and the driver in custody after responding to a report of a vehicle collision at Southland Mall in their city.  An 18-year-old Newark man confessed to the theft and was booked at Fremont Jail for 10851VC- stealing an automobile.

2:17 p.m.: Officers responded to the 37100 block of Spruce St to investigate a reported domestic disturbance in progress. The caller advised that a 53-year-old Newark man was shirtless, screaming and appeared to be on drugs. Officers arrived but the man refused repeated orders to get on the ground and charged at officers, who fended off the man until additional officers arrived on scene. The suspect was detained and treated at the scene by ACFD. He was later booked at Santa Rita Jail for 148 PC- resisting arrest. Officer later learned the suspect had been banging on the doors of complete strangers while yelling and screaming. He also managed to hit an innocent person for no apparent reason prior to our arrival.

4:45 p.m. — Officers responded to a residence on the 37100 block of Saint Christopher St., for a reported male waving a gun and holding the family at gunpoint. The suspect, a 30-year-old man from Newark and Arkansas, was said to be inside the house and had the family locked in a bedroom. Nearby residences were evacuated. Alameda County fire arrived and the Fremont police Bearcat armored rescue vehicle was requested. As the Bearcat was being driven from Fremont, we received word from Fremont PD that they are receiving calls from the suspect’s wife that they were not at the residence, but they were still in an angry dispute. Union City police called and advised that they were now receiving calls from a frantic victim. Union City police located the suspect — who was arrested — and the victim, who said she was kidnapped and threatened at gun point by the suspect. Union City police said they received information that the suspect did have a gun; however it was not in the car. An officer determined the suspect had come from Arkansas to visit family in Newark, and searched the the family’s Newark home and found a loaded 9 mm handgun that police said the suspect used in this incident. The officer obtained an Emergency Protective Order, which was later served on the suspect at Santa Rita Jail, where he was booked at Santa Rita Jail for kidnapping and homicidal threats.

1:45 a.m. — Homeowners on Lafayette Avenue confronted a 25-year-old female transient who was rummaging in their garage. Police arrested and booked her at Santa Rita Jail for burglary. NOTE: While this situation ended positively, police strongly caution residents from confronting potential burglars. Be a great witness, notify and update the police on the actions of the suspect(s), and let the police confront the suspect(s).***


So, call me maybe …

Sorry, I couldn’t resist referring to the worst/best summer song of all time.

But otherwise, this would have been an even drier, more mundane blog post than it already is. In short, if you need to reach me with a tip or a complaint or you just wanna shoot the breeze with that antiquated, nearly obselete concept called a “newspaper reporter” … then here’s where you can reach me:

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Union City mayoral candidate is running unopposed

Carol Dutra-Vernaci is running unopposed in the race to replace Mark Green as Union City’s new mayor.  Meanwhile, two City Council candidates — incumbent Jim Navarro and challenger Jose Estrella — are vying for the seat in the lone council race.

Click here for our first foray into the Tri-City area election season. More election stories on Fremont, Newark and Union City are coming in the next few days and weeks.


Olympics Hangover? Elections Should Cure That

I’ve been talking to more than a few people in the past two days who admitted they were depressed because the Olympics were ending. Last month, I’d been trying my best to be cynical about the London Games (and just about every Olympiad since the mid 1990s). I got turned off when news broke that the IOC was taking bribes in exchange for awarding the games to certain cities. Suddenly, the “mystery” as to why Atlanta was chosen in ’96 instead of Athens (it would have been the 100th anniversary since the modern games started in Greece in 1896) became clear. It sullied the experience for me.

But sometime last week, I caught Olympics Fever. Maybe it was seeing my stepdaughters — who pretty much loathe professional sports — get excited about track-and-field and gymnastics. Or maybe it all reminded me of being a little kid in ’76, watching the Montreal games when Bruce Jenner won the decathlon and Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci took both the gymnastics and pop culture worlds by storm. Whatever the reason, I got into these Olympic Games more than I have in nearly 20 years.  Now,  I’m not among the crowd that is “depressed” about them ending — my life, unfortunately, is too damn busy for that — but I am glad in a small way that I was able to enjoy them, finally, for the first time in years.

Having all all that, sports can be nothing but a big corruptible distraction from the things that really matter. Things like local elections. We’ve got some big ones here in the Tri-City area. In the coming days and weeks, we’ll be doing a number of stories on those candidates the issues facing Tri-City communities. Feel free to contact me at cdebenedetti@bayareanewsgroup.com or on this blog re: any issues you think are the most pressing in your city, school district, etc.

If all goes well for your interests at the polls in November, you won’t have that “day-after depression” that so many of my friends have re: the Olympics.


Newark residents weigh in on future of NewPark Mall area

Overheard at the Greater NewPark Mall Master Plan meeting held Wednesday night:

Woman #1: “What would you like to see at the mall?”

Woman #2: “Better stores.”

Woman #1: “More stores.”

It’s really that simple for some. “Give us more of something better,” many seem to be saying. 

But it’s more complicated than that, of course, and many Newark residents seem to understand that, judging by the creative and bold ideas offered by several people at Wednesday’s spirited meeting at the Silliman Center.

Click here to read the full story on the meeting.


Fremont Crime News of the Day

Wednesday, August 8
Incidents 290 Reports 45

Officers and Chief Steckler attended the prayer vigil at Central Park organized by our Sikh Community. Hundreds of people were in attendance.

#008/009/010/014 Auto Burglaries
At 9:28 am, Officers responded to Pajaro Drive and Pajaro Court to investigate four (4) auto burglaries. One witnesss heard the window break in the early morning, but didn’t think to call the Police Department. Cash, loose change and electronics were taken.

#019/020 Residential Burglary Attempt
At 9:52 am, Officers responded to Norocco Circle on a residential burglary attempt. Sometime between 2:00 am – 8:30 am, an unknown person entered the backyard of the hourse, shattered part of the glass to a rear sliding patio door and tried to pry open the sliding door. During the search, Officers noticed a second house with a screen removed from a back window. Two reports taken for burglary attempt.

IH 12062595 Residential Burglary Attempt
At 7:08 pm, Officers responded to Kensington Drive. The victim said that her vehicle was burglarized and her garage door was open when she got home. Nothing was missing from inside the home.

#001 Residential Burglary Attempt
AT 11:34 pm, Officers responded to Archstone on Civic Center. The victim reported that someone tried to pry the door between 8:00 pm — 11:00 pm.

#029 Disturbance
At 4:50 pm, Officers were dispatched to a disturbance at an auto repair shop on Albrae. A customer had brought his car to the shop for repairs. After completing work on the car the suspect refused to pay and left.

#041 DUI Collision
A rear end collision occurred at Blacow and Royal Palm. The driver that caused the collision fled the scene and was pursued by the other driver. Responding officers located both drivers nearby. The driver that caused the collision was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

#003 Suspended Drivers License 
An officer stopped a 32 year old adult male for a vehicle code violation at Bonnie/Gertrude. His CDL (CA Drivers License) was suspended so he lied about his name to avoid his car being towed. He was arrested for providing false ID to a Police Officer and driving with a suspended license and his car was towed.

#002 Drunk in Public/Resisting Arrest/Battery on a Police Officer
Mojo’s (3714 Peralta Blvd.) called at 12:36 am to report two drunk females who were refusing to leave in the parking lot causing a disturbance. Both are arrested for drunk in public. While being placed in a patrol car, suspect #1 spat in the Officers face and was placed in a WRAP. Suspect #2 then started kicking out the patrol car windows and was also secured in a WRAP. Suspect #1 was transported to Santa Rita. Suspect #2 was transported to the Fremont Jail where she faked a breathing episode and had to be taken to WTH-ER. Once at ER, she became combative and was placed in restraints. She was able to free both arms and punched one of the Officers in the face. As she was then being placed in the patrol car, she was able to reach back and grab a handful of the Sgt.’s thigh. She also went to Santa Rita. Both were charged with drunk in public, resisting arrest, and battery on a police officer.


Newark Crime News of the Day

Wednesday, August 8

Calls for Service: 82  — Number of Cases Assigned: 14 — Number of Arrests: 2

1930 Hrs. An officer responded to Washington Hospital and interviewed a man who had a laceration on his finger requiring six stitches. The injury was caused by his girlfriend of over 20 years, a 44-year-old Newark woman, after an argument escalated and she cut him with a knife. An officer responded to the 6000 block of Joaquin Murieta. The investigation revealed that the couple was extremely intoxicated, engaged in a verbal and physical altercation, durin which the woman armed herself with a knife. She was arrested and transported to Fremont PD Jail for 273.5 PC – domestic violence.

2145 Hrs. An officer documented a vehicle burglary at 5699 Mowry Ave. (BJ’s Restaurant). The victim vehicle suffered a rear passenger side window smash and the loss was a laptop as well as other miscellaneous items. This is a tragic reminder of why it is so important to secure valuable out of sight whenever you leave your vehicle unattended.

2252 Hrs. An officer arrested a 36-year-old Stockton man during a security check at Motel 6 for a no-bail 14601.1 (a) CVC / 22349 (a) CVC Warrant.

Anyone with information about these incidents can call police at 510-578-4237 or the “silent witness” hotline at 510-578-4000, ext. 500.


Prayer vigils for Sikh shooting victims

Prayer vigils were held Wednesday night throughout the Bay Area, including San Jose, Hayward and Fremont, in honor of those killed or wounded Sunday in a Sikh temple in Wisconsin. Several other vigils are scheduled in Union City and Fremont  for Friday and Sunday. Hundreds attended a vigil at Sikh Gurdwara in San Jose, my colleague Eric Kurhi reported.

I couldn’t attend the vigils Wednesday — I was covering a public meeting in Newark. But I feel like I was there after viewing photos by our Bay Area News Group photographers. They captured some amazing images, such as this one from a San Jose vigil:


The Fremont vigil held Wednesday night at Central Park drew hundreds of people. This photo of the Fremont gathering last night is from the Jakara Movement, a group that encourages cutural engagement with Sikhs:  


Fremont Crime News of the Day

Source: Fremont Police Department

Tuesday, August 7, 2012 

Residential Burglary 
At 9:05 a.m., Officers were dispatched to a residential burglary that had occurred sometime during the night on Ontario Common. Entry was made into an open garage and a bike and other accessories were taken. 

Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance 
Street Crimes Detective Farmer conducted a traffic stop at 4250 Central and arrested a 28 year old adult male for being under the influence of drugs. The male adult had been warned prior about being on this specific property. 

Residential Burglary 
At 3:14 p.m, Officers were dispatched to a residential burglary that had occurred on the 3100 block of Darwin Drive. Entry was made via the front door by breaking out a window and unlocking the door. Jewelry and other misc. items were removed from the master bedroom. The burglary occurred sometime between 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Investigation by Officer Lobue. 

Residential Burglary 
At 2:50 p.m, Officers were dispatched to a residential burglary on Felicio Common. Suspect(s) made entry through a window that had been left cracked open. The suspect(s) broke the glass and took several electronic items from inside the house. 

Possession of Burglary Tools 
AT 5:58 p.m., Street Crimes Detective Farmer conducted a traffic stop near Eggers/Farwell and arrested a 27 year old adult female for possession of burglary tools. 

Complaint of Pain Collision 
One of our Street Crimes Officers was on duty in his patrol vehicle stopped for a red light at Central and Blacow when he was rear ended. Traffic Officer Aranguren is investigating this complaint of pain collision. 

Warrant Arrest 
Officer Tarango responded to the area of the Hub to attempt to locate a subject fighting with people and acting crazy. Officer Tarango located the subject and arrested an adult male for warrants. 

Assault with a Deadly Weapon 
Officers responded to a report of an assault with a deadly weapon at Royal Ann and Cherry Lane. Neighbors were fighting and a male was hit on the head with a club. The victim was bleeding and in need of medical attention. Officers are working on suspect leads and the investigation is continuing. 

5150 Hold 
A 19 year old adult male calls 911 from the Fremont Glen Apartments acting bizarre. The subject is contacted and placed on a 72 hour evaluation (5150 hold) by Ofc Contrada. 

Drunk in Public 
Received another 911 call from the Fremont Glen Apartments regarding a disturbance in the parking lot. Ofc Sanchez arrested an adult male for public intoxication. This was not related to the previous response to this same complex. 

Commercial Burglary 
ADT reports commercial alarm in the 3900 blk of Lake Arrowhead (Prime Airsoft Store) at 4:17 a.m., Officers discover a window smash several airsoft pistols, magazines, scopes, lights and other related equipment stolen. Investigated by Ofc Taylor.