Wanted man escapes Fremont home surrounded by SWAT team

Here’s an excerpt from colleague Erin Ivie’s story on a Union City gang member who escaped a police perimeter in Fremont over the weekend …


A man being served a felony warrant escaped from police at his home on Sunday despite SWAT teams surrounding and gassing the house, police said.

Just before midnight, patrol officers arrived at the home on the 5600 block of Cello Way to serve 30-year-old Tin Nguyen with a felony no-bail warrant for a drug charge parole violation, Spokesperson Geneva Bosques said.

As officers approached the home and attempted to serve the warrant, Nguyen ran out the back door and was confronted by additional officers, Bosques said. Nguyen ran back into the home, holding an object that police have since been unable to identify.

Patrol officers went into the home and found all bedroom doors to be closed, prompting them to enlist a full SWAT team callout, Bosques said. The SWAT team arrived just after midnight, searched and eventually gassed the home, but were unable to locate Nguyen.

“The SWAT team had full containment on the house, our only estimation is that he went into the attic and did a rooftop jump,” Bosques said. A neighbor also reported seeing an unknown suspect jumping backyard fences around that same time.

Police expanded their perimeter to include the entire neighborhood but were still unable to locate the suspect, and the search was called off about 7 a.m., Bosques said.

Chris DeBenedetti

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