Fremont Crime News – Thursday, Sept. 20

In short, there was a bar brawl, a junior high on lockdown, four home burglaries and — my personal favorite — a man under the euphoric influence of Ecstasy who merely hallucinated his home was being burglarized.

Source:  Fremont Police Department — Thursday, Sept. 20

#005 – Officers were summoned by a subject at 35200 Ratto Pl because he thought he saw the male that he says has been stalking him inside his home. Turns out the subject was suffering from a suspected “ecstasy” induced euphoria, and there was nobody inside his home but him. He was arrested by Ofc. Luevano for being under the influence.

#006 – SRO Foote called for assistance at Walters Jr. HS as someone reported seeing two males at the edge of the campus and one had a pistol. FUSD put the school on lockdown and multiple officers responded, clearing the entire area and never locating the alleged suspects. School re-opened within 30 minutes safely.

#032: Warrant arrest by Ofc. Haugh during a ped stop at Delaware/Charleston. A 59 year old male was arrested for his outstanding $20K warrant for meth pipe possession.

#30: Meth influence arrest by Ofc. Francisco during an investigative contact in the 34000 block of Sterne Ct. A 28 yr old male is arrested and booked.

#29: Public Drunkeness arrest by Ofc. Madsen and FTO Sasser who found a 51 yr old male drunk and disorderly at Mowry/Farwell.

#027 Warrant arrest by Ofc. Smith and Haugh when they performed a warrant service on a male at his house on Carmen Street. The male went to jail for his warrants.

#002, Assault w deadly weapon at Mojo’s Bar. PD called regarding disturbance/fight at closing time, with a patron being struck by a vehicle fleeing the area. Ofcrs ultimately locate the suspect vehicle in Union City where a 43 year old male is taken into custody for Assault with a Deadly Weapon. The victim is treated and released from the hospital.

(4) apartment complex burglaries:

#040, 459 residential at 38700 Tyson. No forced entry. Loss was a laptop & jewelry. CSO Codey investigating.

#041, 459 residential at 39059 Guardino. Ofcr Leopardi investigating.

#042, 459 residential at 39939 Stevenson. Ofcr Torrico investigating.

#001. 459 residential at 4555 Thornton. Ofcr Rodriguez investigating.

Traffic Investigations:

#011 11-79 Driver turning from Grimmer onto Paseo Padre Parkway hits bicyclist who was riding in the crosswalk, on the wrong side of the road. Minor lacerations. Investigated by OFC Flynn.

#042 11-79 Unlicensed driver driving eastbound on Thornton Ave, makes a right turn onto Post St, hitting a bicyclist. Minor injuries. Investigated by OFC Snow.

Chris DeBenedetti

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