Fremont Mayoral/City Council election forum tonight at City Hall

An election forum featuring Fremont’s mayoral and City Council candidates has been scheduled Friday evening. The free public event is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. in the City Council chambers, at Fremont City Hall at 3300 Capitol Ave.

First, Fremont’s five mayoral candidates — Aziz Akbari, Steve Cho, Bill Harrison, Anu Natarajan and Linda Susoev — will be interviewed.

An interview of Fremont’s six City Council candidates will follow. The council candidates are: Vinnie Bacon, Sue Chan, John J. Dutra, Rick Jones, Rakesh Sharma and Mark Wadley.

Those attending can submit questions for candidates to answer. The League of Women Voters of Fremont, Newark and Union City is hosting the forum.

For more information, call 510-794-5783 or email publicity@lwvfnuc.org.

Chris DeBenedetti


  1. Just to inject a *fact*, the original “Cisco Field” (PacComm) proposal anticipated the stadium opening in 2014 at the earliest. If there were “40,000 people in Fremont right now,” Wolff & the Oakland A’s would have been very upset that those people weren’t attending the A’s games while those confused people were watching bulldozers & cranes rumble around.

  2. To the two or three people on this site, please do not reply to Charlies or Micheal of Niles, to his mentally ill rants about the Ball Park.
    Lets discuss something revelant like local politics, please quit throwing red meat to Charlie, that is cruel to a person in his condition!

  3. #52 That is the best thing that has been said on this blog in months. Remember Charlie is a master baiter do not respond to his crying about NO STADIUM IN FREMONT!!!

  4. #51…The fact is It would no doubt have been completed ahead of schedule and under budget… bringing thousands of jobs and billions of dollars into Fremont.
    #52…Casper (CayGuy) West…Have you seen the latest TV ad with the Bacons and their 2K dog? I think the consensus is that the ad was pretty darn embarrassing. Vinne is *as usual* saying something insincere about schools to try and get himself elected.
    #53…Roll another one!!!

  5. Tired of the Beat nonesense ? Head on over to the watching the Political Insider blog here –


    Pay close attention to Truthclubber and Elwood.
    Identical pattern of useless unresolved and personalized nonsense.

    The problem with our media isn’t lack of time or resource. The problem with our media is the quality of what they choose to put their time and effort into.

  6. Amen Bbox.
    Micheal of Niles, (Charlie) was it you that is defacing Vinnie’s campaign poster, in Niles.. Find another way of displaying your anger. This act of vandelism is not free speech.
    You do know that is against the law!

  7. #56…No CalGuy not me…I do find it humorous that Bacon could invoke such an emotional responce from someone, possibly as warped as you are. It is a fact that many people hold Vinnie accountable for chasing thousands of jobs and billions of dollars out of Fremont. What don’t you get about that? Shame on you for your false accusation …it’s so typical of you Baconites to shoot first and ask questions later! I have a theory…maybe his 2K dog smelled caviar on his masters face and licked if off!

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