Fremont Mayoral/City Council election forum tonight at City Hall

An election forum featuring Fremont’s mayoral and City Council candidates has been scheduled Friday evening. The free public event is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. in the City Council chambers, at Fremont City Hall at 3300 Capitol Ave.

First, Fremont’s five mayoral candidates — Aziz Akbari, Steve Cho, Bill Harrison, Anu Natarajan and Linda Susoev — will be interviewed.

An interview of Fremont’s six City Council candidates will follow. The council candidates are: Vinnie Bacon, Sue Chan, John J. Dutra, Rick Jones, Rakesh Sharma and Mark Wadley.

Those attending can submit questions for candidates to answer. The League of Women Voters of Fremont, Newark and Union City is hosting the forum.

For more information, call 510-794-5783 or email publicity@lwvfnuc.org.

Chris DeBenedetti


  1. The future *could* be bright… Harrison, Chan, Dutra, Jones and Wadley all knocked it out of the park! Remember this when you go to vote.

  2. Haven’t been able to locate a rebroadcast sched but, if past Mayoral/Council interviews (this wasn’t a debate) are any example – you should be able to catch it again.

    It’s such a shame that the public announcement from our local media came so belatedly . . . . making it virtually useless to anyone that might have wanted to participate. But, folks are busy. . . . .

    WOuld have been just wonderful for each of you to have been personally witness to what Charlie feels was “knocked out of the park”.

    The newbies did a fair job of describing their vision for the future, which is kinda what you expect from folks who haven’t been around the political scene for very long. Akbari had the courage to explain to Ms. Natarajan the error of her observations and public statements regarding his lack of experience which aired on Channel 2 the other night.

    Curiously, Harrisson and Natarajan did exactly the same thing as the newbies – they touted their vision. Noticeably absent from their responses was substantial references to their ACCOMPLISHMENTS. Why is that?

    If I recall correctly, neither Anu nor William wanted to discuss their respective “vision” for Centerville . . . . . oh, and Sue Chan chose NOT to recuse herself from this discussion.

  3. Charlie C is obviously an opponent of Vinnie Bacon. WADLEY knocked it out? Seriously? He was a big step above Linda Suseov but clearly seemed out of his element and was not very clear with his positions. I was impressed by Jones especially (already knowing Vinnie Bacon). Dutra did a good job and seems very much willing to provide a balanced approach – something that could not be said of Sue Chan’s egocentric responses. I mean, really, taking credit for Pacific Commons? Here’s some big land – build generic but nice stores and restaurants. Is that really so hard? A pedestrian-friendly shopping area would have been much better.

    Harrison and Natarajan both were at time very positive and well spoken on the issues. But both gave “non answer answers” to some specific questions – whereas Aziz Akbari was most definitely on message and did a good job answering the questions.

  4. Good observations, Kevin. . . . “well spoken” aptly describes the form of the messages delivered by our two most seasoned incumbants – they said what they were going to say with a clarity and confidence that others were lacking. It’s something that Cho never does very well and he was, again, unable to deliver on. The guy just does not speak well. That said, I was apalled at the lack of substance in the responses that any of the incumbants laid claim to.

    While Dutra presented a balance with his words, I feel he has a well-established history of development within our city which speaks to a very different set of priorities.

  5. Is there a election in Fremont? I know there is one in Oakland and Berkely and other bay area Cities, Asreported and reported by the Argus but if you read the Argus. You would never know there is a election in Fremont.
    The Tri City Area is the orphan of the Argus, or BAM.
    The Argus is NOT a local paper to the residents of the Tri City Area. I am checking regulatory Agencies to see if this can be fixed!

  6. #5 KC…How can anyone say that Bacon is pro business. Time for Bacon to take responsibility for killing countless small businesses ever coming to Fremont . It can’t be argued that Bacon and a very small vocal minority killed the A’s coming to Fremont. Fremont will never be a major league city as a result. Time for you to be honest KC, was that good for bussiness? If you think Bacon is good for bussiness…you are delusional.

  7. Wow, Charlie C. Just wow.

    I barely even mentioned Bacon, except to point out that you gave him no credit whatsoever for a good debate performance – while at the same time giving credit to Wadley for his stammering nonspecific answers.

    Also, it appears you did not listen to Bacon’s message. He has pointed out time and time again he want to reduce the red tape associated with small business. And, really, you’re going to slam Bacon for not being for “small business” by invoking the ballpark? Hardly a small business. And, if you were paying attention, Fremont was merely a way to get the A’s to San Jose which is where they wanted to be anyway.

  8. #10
    Bacon’s message … I will drive business out of Fremont and claim to be pro business. Admit it… Bacon and a small vocal minority swift boated the ballpark for selfish reasons reasons and won. The ballpark would have brought all kinds of good business to Fremont. That was in our cities best interest. Remember this when you vote in the next election.

  9. Vinnie Bacon is not only for small businesses but several small businesses are backing him. Charlie is trying his damndest to destroy Vinnie because he was involved in stopping the ball park along with Our present Mayor Gus Morrison and many , many more people. The ball park protest at City Hall was about 600 people. There was someone there counting them with a clicker.
    The people wanting the Ball park had there rally at some Bar and a small crowd showed up, which mostly were from the Fremont Chamber of Commerce.
    Charlie or Michael of Niles has dedicated his life to this cause. He needs psychological medical help.
    I am not mad at Charlie but feel sorry for him. He is Niles Linda Souza.

  10. This one is way tooo easy for anyone paying attention.

    Vinnie and Catellus (who represented all of the retailers at Pac Commons) and NUMMI (one of the largest employers in our community at the time) were united in their opposition to the stadium.

    Meanwhile, back on the Fremont farm, Bill, Anu, Susan and Charlie stood in the opposite corner with . . . . ummmmm . . . . the Fremont Chamber of Commerce and . . . . . ummmmm . . . . Lew Wolfe.

    So, say again – who had the backs and interests of business and who did not ????

    But, Vinnie wnats to “drive business out of Fremont”.

  11. #12 Jasper “Calguy” West…there you go again! The voters haven’t forgotten about how Vinnie, Kathy, Boxie, you and your vocal minority successfully *swift boated* the stadium out of Fremont about the time the economy started to tank big time. That was not in Fremonts best interest and you know it! As a result Fremont lost hundreds of new businesses, thousands of good jobs and billions of dollars. Now Bacon (the bussiness killer) is hypocritically saying (we need to get the economy going) after he played a major role in killing businesses and jobs right here in Fremont. You and your vocal minority won the day all-right but you acted against what was in the best interest of the majority. The voters need to remember this and be aware of you and your leaders blatant hypocrisy.

  12. #16…and don’t forget Bacon was promoting jobs at the same time he was chasing jobs out of town.

  13. Sue, Bill and Anu were not only busy promoting (repromoting?) they were setting aside YOUR money – – – – and for what??? Where did it ALLL go?????


    “In prior years the council put $1 million aside each year for what has so-far been a mythical downtown. So far, the Downtown, now morphed into “Midtown” has promised big and produced very little except cardboard models that, at times, have been laughable. How much of those millions has been used for “planning?”

  14. #18…Mitt Romneys got million dollar horse named Rafalca. Vinnie Bacons got a two thousand dollar dog named Blondie. Normal people don’t spend that kind of money on their pets. When all is considered both of these guys are not in it for the betterment of the people… agreed. Your thoughts?

  15. Has anyone noticed that out of all the candidates running for office in this current election only *one* has put his photo on his (vote for me) sign? Do you think Bacon thinks he’s better looking than the rest of those who are running? Seriously, his sign is not a good sign, How many of you own a $2,000 dog? Do you think Vinnie just might be a little too vain to represent the hard working people of Fremont? Why do you think this narcissist running for city council? Why did he chase away a golden business opportunity and the thousands of jobs then turn around and claim he’s for business and jobs? Remember this before you vote in the next election!

  16. Wow!,,,no,,,really,,,wow!! Bacon has a 2K dog?!
    How will he relate to the average Fremont voter? For goodness sake, he already destroyed the best business opportunity this old town has ever seen. I’m a Fremont native, how long has Bacon been here anyway? Or,,how long does he intend to stay? Most Oakland based lawyers with 2k pets live in Lafayette or Moraga. When will he abandon his Fremont project and take his 2k dog to Lamorinda, Los Gatos or Tiburon? What is he actually selling? Will he improve the quality of life here? What kind of “small” business is he going to bring here? He already killed a global brand business magnet. The name recognition alone would have netted Fremont untold business opportunitys, jobs, jobs and jobs across the employment spectrum from entry level on up. Fremont is Bacon’s pet project. Just like we can’t afford a 2K pet, nor can we afford to be Bacon’s next expensive pet. We are the 4th largest city in one of world’s largest markets.(sigh) We deserve so much more and it was right within our grasp.

  17. Ok, I stand corrected, Mr Bacon only works for a law firm. One that possibly provided 2K pooches,,lol.
    That said, clearly, I have no horse in this race. Other than Bacon, who out there deserves my support? Does anyone have a positive take on one of our candidates?
    Surely one of these folks can bring us all together? Yah, it will probably take a miracle!
    What about the school board? Who was the board members that censored the books from a teachers curriculum? That act certainly loses vote.

  18. Funny…I don’t see the West and or the CalGuy or any of the other of Bacon apologist defending him on this 2K dog thing. Chris… will please at least ask Vinnie if does owns a 2K dog so this can go on the record. Vinnie has has a habit with taking liberties with the truth.

  19. #22: Wow, I hadn’t thought about that before. Now I’m chomping at the bit to move to “Oakland: Shangri-La by the Bay” since they have the A’s, the Raiders *and* the Warriors, a grand slam. I just hope I can find a place to rent or buy and a new job in Oakland before the masses catch onto the name recognition.

  20. #25: it’s easy to bash Oakland, but if s a case by case issue. And if Oakland had built a baseball only downtown or waterfront park, it would have been a huge success . Believe it or not, Oakland does have some assets and more jobs than Fremont. Ask Bacon, he works there. Can you afford a house in Montclair or Rockridge?
    #26: West,,,,,really,,,,,,that’s all you got?

  21. It is, at least, childish that someone chooses to focus on personal traits in a debate of political ideas.

    It is uncomfortable when someone exhibits an obsessiveness to the degree necessary to actively seek out the personal details of another individuals life.

    It is troubling, encroaching on a reasonable definition of invasion, when someone chooses to broadcast those same details widely.

    The Romney comparison is a very poor attempt to legitimize the presentation of these personal details.

    There is absolutely no comparison between the assertion of the Romney extravegance to an expenditure that many, many, many who have adopted a family member, whether child or pet, would not consider unusual. I know of many who value their pets as family members and spend $2-grand annually on their health care and grooming!

    Not since the outing of Tahmasbi’s sister by M. Artz have I been more uncomfortable and disappointed with this venue.

  22. #28…Here’s another *fact* for you to ponder. When your side was in the process of swift-boating the A’s out of Fremont those very same A’s donated 5K to Washington High School to upgrade their baseball field. Yes, the same A’s you ran out on a rail. If my calculations are correct 5K equals two dogs and a lot of dog food for for those of us that can afford it!

  23. We were just advocating for the business interests in Fremont, Charlie.

    And, that $5k you’re pretending to be so concerned over is nothing compared to the $150k (plus) that Sue and Bill and Anu frittered away on a badly flawed idea.

    But wait, there’s even more – – – because Sue and Bill and Anu also have effectively roasted hot dogs over millions in Centerville!

    Oh, and let’s not forget the $1 million (plus) that Anu and Bill and Sue (wait a minute – did she recuse herself on this one – I dont remember) anyway – we set aside a million bucks a year for several years on a “downtown” plan. . . . .

    And, in each case – what do Fremont citizens have to show for the HUGE sums consumed?????? But YOU’RE worried about 5-grand???

    P.S. – I’m glad to see you’re finally beginning to embrace some facts and include them in your thought processes, Charles. Congratulations.

    Next on the list of milestones, try to get the priorties straight.

    See, $5k is not just slightly less than $1 million, it is SEVERAL ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE smaller. Put your mind to it – – it’ll all fall into place sooner or later.

  24. And the beat goes on,,,,lol. Now according to bbox, public figures life details are not to be known by the voting public. Wow,,,wow,,I don’t know what Eastern Bloc country you used to live in, but if you are going to run for office, your lifes’ details, warts and all are open source info for the voting public. If you cant handle the heat, you get out of the kitchen. And 2k pets absolutely reflect a candidates values. Especially when untold animals are being euthanized from shelters like the one we have right here in our old town.

  25. #30
    This has nothing to do with Sue, Bill or Anu Boxie This is about hypocrisy. It appears Bacon is gulity of being a tad hypocritical …no? Vinnie could have picked up a mutt from the pound and given $4,900 to charity or to the Washington High School Baseball program …no? Don’t you think Vinnie has some of explaining to do?

    P.S-Where is the CalGuy?

  26. No, Charles – what is profoundly hypocrticial is your feigned preoccupation with relatively common expense while you, at the same time, choose to ignore huge sums completely wasted and squandered by your current council members.

    That you do not get this suggests your inability to evaluate relative priorities, or, some other motive unrelated to your pretense.

  27. “This has nothing to do with Sue, Bill or Anu ….”

    Charles just made very clear that this is a personal matter.

    Chris D. – – some would call this a warning sign.

  28. ooops
    And the beat goes on……..

    Many people who have mental illness are not necessarily institutionalized, hope that helps clear up the discussion

  29. #34 … Sorry to say this a fact not pretense. Lets just call Vinnies latest gaffe doggiegate.
    #35… And your the proof. I would suggest that you try to find the nature of your problem and then it will be clear that Bacon is not the answer.

  30. If Vinnie wins or loses, it will have nothing whatsoever to do with your whining and will have everything to do with whether or not he (and others) can get a few more Fremontians into the polls.

    The status quo has absolutely no reason to want things to change.

    Anyone who looks around (most of the districts), examines the public record of the incumbancy (and their many clones that are also running) have every reason to want things to change.

    Sorry to say this a fact….and your the proof.

  31. The Dog Vinnie used in his commercials belong to his son. How can anyone have a problem with that unless,
    Many people who have mental illness are not necessarily institutionalized, hope that helps clear up the discussion

  32. #39 Bark, bark, wag, wag…Fact is Vinnie was against small bussiness before he was for it… seems hypocritical to me. With candidates like Bacon the *status quo* is absolutely the best choice!
    #40 GAS!
    #41 The mentally ill can not always be blamed for their actions… so we need to take pity on the CalGuy, for he is damaged goods. I did not know young Bacon was the one who payed 2K for the dog.

  33. As much as anybody, I’ve certainly been guilty of violating the “DFTT” rule.

    At one time or another, it has all been said in this record of debate which has become agonlizingly circular. Curiously, in some ways, this venue is not unlike our current council who is also completely unwilling to engage in any kind of thoughtful discourse, or when they do, it is over matters of insinificance while the much larger issues go unchallenged.

    The results here, like those achieved (or not) by our council are, at best, exceedingly rare if at all. One thing is very clear with regard to the Beat, the process of debate for debates’ sake is accretive only to the benefit of the venue itself.

    Game over, Charlie.

  34. And the beat goes on………
    people who have mental illness are not necessarily institutionalized, hope that helps clear up the discussion

  35. Chasing the Fremont’s greatest ever opportunity away,,,,,,is hardly insignificant.
    Regardless who paid the 2k for a pet, that is NOT an common place purchase. It is a significant issue, because it exposes a candidates ethics and values. At the very least, I hope he is donating to the tri city shelter and/or local animal rescues.
    If he does that penance for himself or his kid, than that will get him out of that doghouse.

    Boxie, in an earlier post, you compared adopting a pet to adopting a child. Really? Wow.
    West, all this mental capacity talk you have been posting has me worried about you. Obviously you are projecting your insecurities. Breathe, it’s ok, your not that crazy.,,,lol.

  36. people who have mental illness are not necessarily institutionalized, hope that helps clear up the discussion..

    Lets make a big deal out of a Dog…. Read the above

  37. The Doggiegate scandal appears to have gotten under the skin of some those who will be voting for Vinnie (means bussiness) Bacon. Remember this is the same guy who helped chase thousands of jobs and billions of dollars out of Fremont. Now Bacon claims to be the champion of business. Owning a 2K dog appears elitist no? The people of Fremont deserve to have representatives who can relate to *all* the people…so let the games begin!

  38. Congats…the A’s are in the playoffs! So now chasing Fremont’s greatest ever opportunity away isn’t looking so good is it? If the stadium had been built there would be 40,000 people in Fremont right now spending *money* celebrating right here in Fremont. Thanks to Vinnie and his running mate Fremont is diminished!

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